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ACRL STS Publications Committee minutes

Attendees: Roxanne Bogucka, Andrea Duda, Hannah Winkler, Peter Zuber

Highlights: 1) Signal assessment: The Signal survey has been treated as a marketing survey. The latest issue of Signal omitted the committee reports. There has been no negative feedback on this issue. Brief discussion on whether there should be an ongoing editor for Signal as there is for ISTL, no conclusion. 2) STS-L: Posting STS-L guidelines has been effective in deterring inappropriate ILL-type posts. 3) ISTL: Stats on ISTL readership and most visited articles presented. 4) New business: STS Facebook page is esesntially dead, but attendees felt it is important for STS to have a social media presence. Incoming member Hannah Winkler will assume these responsibilities (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest to start) and report back.