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Imagineering Interest Group Meeting- ALA Annual 2012 Notes

Imagineering Interest Group Meeting ALA Annual 2012

-          History:

  • 22-23 years old
  • Program planning can be completed via e-mail.
  • One year we had a second program that was successful. With the decrease in programs offered at ALA conferences, we will not be getting a second program.
  • Cara has networks built with the vendors.
  • We average 400-500 attendees for our program a year. We had 700-800 in attendance at the ALA 2012 Program.
  • Tor and Baen help us out with the programs.

-          LITA requested more communication and transparency from us.

-          Options for readers advisory since we won’t get a second program:

  • Webinar
  • Something for the virtual conference
  • A blog through ALA Connect with weekly postings- could possibly double post with Tor
    • Might follow the Yalsa model
    • Could include fan reviews
    • Cover all speculative fiction
    • Create annotated lists based from Yalsa lists and awards (Hugo, Nebula, etc.) and possibly National Teachers of English lists
    • Guest posts from authors
    • Possibility of posts from kids of authors (John Scalzi’s daughter)
    • Promote genre magazines, such as Locus
    • Imagination based programming needs to be a major element of an online resource. Something quick for the non-expert who wants to run a program at their library.
    • Read-a-likes but unconventional
    • Skype is a possible method of content delivery with Tor authors
  • Could do a website instead. Aaron Jamieson has web expertise and would be willing to help us create a website, but we would need a domain name and server space.
  • Could possibly do something at another conference, such as World Con or Dragon Con
  • Should try to get a children’s author for our program in the future.

-          Other ideas:

  • Interactive fiction- choose your own adventure virtual story
  • Gaming and anime are entries for young people into science fiction/fantasy
  • Our program proposal is due August 1.
  • Suggested title: Science Fiction and Fantasy: Power of the Word, Connecting Past, Present, and Future
  • Goal of having a strong virtual presence.
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Bree did a great job of including all my notes in the later part of her post, so I have nothing to add at this point.

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  • Could do a website instead. Aaron Jamieson has web expertise and would be willing to help us create a website, but we would need a domain name and server space.

Build sustainability in at the front, it would be better ((imho) for us (and LITA/ALA)) long-term if we stick with ALA-hosted webservices (but not the Dreamhost services) - everything (afaik) is now Drupal-based and if we want our own domainname, we (better if ALA is the tech contact for updating DNS/webforwarding, for example) can point it at an existing (or newly developed/broken out) location in the ALA web sphere.

All that said, Iig has been a mainstay for LITA programming for longer than I've been a member... 

The "Second  Program" problem might be solvable, but it will take major negotiations (or, better, imho, a cutting-edge (for ALA/LITA) online delivery mechanism)


"Always remember everyone is working to make the organization better in their own way."
-Eli Mina, ALA Parliamentarian