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2 volunteers for newly-formed Conference Programming Coordinating Team (CPCT)

Colleagues, I am posting to this RTCA Connect page, as well as to the Newly-Elected Round Table members page, so apologies for any duplication you experience.

Today, I am asking for two volunteers to serve on the newly-reestablished Conference Programming Coordinating Team (CPCT), a sub-group of the ALA Conference Committee and a group whose composition and description are briefly covered in the ALA Conference Roadmap for Change document, posted on Connect at http://connect.ala.org/node/178761. The two round table representatives will
divide up the round tables between them and keep track of programming desires, issues, etc., for those round tables in their care.  People who have conference planning experience are especially invited to volunteer, as are those individuals who like conference planning work.

Read through the following paragraphs for an idea of what will be ahead for CPCT members.

Bottom line, if you’re interested, please get in touch with me by Tuesday 3 July, and we’ll set up a time to talk via phone about this.

At the ALA Conference Committee meeting last Saturday, the Committee agreed that the CPCT should be resurrected.  As noted in the Roadmap document, CPCT existed earlier in similar form but was disbanded some time ago.  CPCT in its prior form left much to be desired, but one of the functions provided by CPCT, and really no other group, is still required, i.e.,  an assurance that representatives of various ALA groups will carefully look over all conference programs submitted, with the interests and concerns of those groups in mind.

The CPCT group needs to be formed immediately.  Although many of the finer details will be worked out over the next few months, I believe that the two Round Table representatives will probably be appointed to the Team in the following manner:  one rep. whose “term” will extend through the 2013 conference, and one whose CPCT term will last two years, i.e., through the planning for both 2013 and 2014 conference.

80% of the programs proposed for 2013—with submissions that include more background information than previously -- will be submitted  to ALA  by October, and the remaining 20% of programs will be arrived at by determining what topics are missing from the 80% of programming submitted and what emerging hot topics should be added.  The new CPCT will have enough information at hand this fall to be able to weigh in on the 80% as well as that remaining 20%, and should be able to make some scheduling decisions, i.e., which programs are similar enough to possibly combined, which programs should not be scheduled at the same time, etc.

What else do I know:

Much of the work to be done this fall will most likely be virtual, but I am not sure of that.  As I say, many details need to be hammered out.  Some CPCT work will carry over into the spring.

As noted above, people who have conference planning experience are especially invited to volunteer, and/or those individuals who like conference planning.

The time table for 2013 will be hectic as procedures and people need to be in place in such a short time, but it can be done.

It’s a marvelous chance to see how the behemoth structures we call “Midwinter” and “Annual” come together.

And, that is about it.
Take a look at the Conference Roadmap on Connect, and if you are interested, let me know, and we’ll find a time to talk—I think a phone chat is much better for this than e-mail.  If you could let me know your interest by Tuesday, July 3, that would be great.  We can get some phone times/dates set up.  I don’t yet have a deadline to get names to Mary G., but assume I will  receive that very soon and will let you know.