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Slides for ALA12: Advocacy and Fundraising for your Rural or Tribal Library

Please find attached the slides for this session.

Advocacy and Fundraising for your Rural or Tribal Library

Speaker: Janice Kowemy, Librarian/Director, Laguna Public Library
Speaker: Jennifer Peterson, Community Manager, WebJunction|OCLC
Speaker: John D. Hales, Pensioner Librarian, Retired Director of Libraries, Suwannee River Regional Library
Speaker: Peter Pearson, President, Friends of St Paul Public LibraryDescription:

Rural and tribal libraries around the country are overcoming budget and funding challenges using resources and toolkits that provide step-by-step approaches to advocacy and fundraising efforts. Learn from taskforce members who created ALA’s Frontline Fundraising Toolkit; gain insight into successful legislative advocacy efforts that build local support, use online tools and create networks to reach rural legislators; and hear how libraries are using the newly updated Small But Powerful Guide to Winning Big Support for Your Rural Library Toolkit and the Guide for Building Support for your Tribal Library. Learn how to build a network of support in the community, how to collaborate with other libraries and how to market your library essential to the community.

Links for Jennifer's part of the session are also collected here: www.webjunction.org/documents/wj/Small_but_Powerful_Forum_at_ALA_Midwinter_2012.html from the ALA Midwinter presentation.