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GLBTRT Web Committee Report - 2012 Midwinter


The web committee has been in limbo for the last 6 months as the team waited for the web site to migrate into ALA’s new Drupal content management system.  Team members finished the 130 page Newsletter index.   In early November the site was migrated into the new system which required some restructuring (navigation bar changes).  The new GLBTRT Buddy Program was also added to the website.  The team also oversaw the adoption of the ALA committee volunteer form and volunteer tracking system to better manage the volunteer process.  The team also created a fund raising page and right rail pod for promote the Stonewall 40th Anniversary Fund Raising Campaign.  During that time team members continued to maintain the GLBTRT Feed.  The feed posts messages to the round table home, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace pages.  Team members also continued to process and post GLBTRT Newsletters as they were submitted. 

Web Site Migration

The migration occurred over the night of 7 November.  In the days following, the entire site was restructured to fit into the ALA division and round table information architecture (navigation buttons).  To provide a more consistent user experience, all ALA entities are to use this information architecture.  See Appendix A for information on this requirement. 

The GLBTRT Newsletter Index

The 130 page index covers all Newsletter issues known to exist (Volume 1:1 Spring 1988 to Volume 23:2 Summer).   All the back issues were all digitized in a past web committee project and posted on the website in 2010.  The index includes several indexes:

  • article column title
  • article title
  • article authors
  • review authors
  • review book authors and media creators
  • review book titles
  • review book publishers
  • review audio and review video publishers

The project was several years in the making and was completed by a web committee member who wishes to remain anonymous and David S. Vess.

Buddy program page and web form

The GLBTRT Membership committee has launched the GLBTRT Buddy Program.  Committee members helped draft page and web form language, and finally posted the page to the site.

Adoption of the ALA Committee Volunteer Web Form and Tracking System

The ALA Committee Volunteer Form and tracking system was adopted by the round table in late October.   Prior to this we used a web form paid for by David which only emailed submissions.  The ALA tool helps the chair and chair elect tracks appointments, automate appointment notifications, and automatically updates the ALA committee roster database.  This database generates the very nice rosters that appear on each committee's web page (Steering Committee example (ALA log in required to see contact information)).  Note also that past rosters can also be views if they are in the ALA database.

Stonewall 40th Anniversary Fund Raising Campaign

The team drafted new language for the top-level fund raising page and drafted and created a Stonewall 40th Anniversary Fund Raising Campaign page in consultation with the round table chairs and ALA liaisons from OLOS.  As more donations come in the team adds names to the donation list.


Committee members are continuing to post messages on the GLBTRT Feed which posts messages to the GLBTRT Website, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace pages.  A new web committee member, Tiffany Brand joined the committee in the Fall and will be working on the round table social media presence.

GLBTRT Newsletter Processing

Committee members continue to process and post completed Newsletters to the GLBTRT website.  In the coming months, members may be helping rework the existing newsletter template and/or exploring producing the newsletter on the GLBTRT News blog.

Future Projects

  • All committee members will register and complete Drupal training as it is developed by ALA staff;
  • Member Danis will complete a formal edit of the entire site’s language and make recommendations for edits;
  • The committee will support the Ad Hoc GLBTRT Resources Committee when it is voted in during 2012 Midwinter;
  • Member Perez will support the GLBTRT Newsletter Committee in their exploration in the future of the Newsletter (design, blog support etc.);
  • Member Perez will continue to be the GLBTRT Blog Administrator;
  • Members Danis and Brand will continue to maintain the GLBTRT Feed;
  • Members Danis and Brand will create GLBTRT Feed messages for each review that is posted to the GLBT Reviews blog;
  • Full task list is located at: https://sites.google.com/site/glbtrt/web/tasks
  • Caitlin Shanley (Chair, 2011 - 2013)
  • David S. Vess (Past-Chair, 2011 - 2012)
  • Tiffiany Brand (Member 2012 – 2014)
  • Lindsey Danis (Member, 2011 - 2013)
  • Jorge Perez (Member, 2011 - 2013)


Submitted by

Caitlin Shanley and David S. Vess


Appendix A: ALA Information Architecture

Taken from the ALA Training website 7 January, 2012: http://itts.training.ala.org/node/250 

Consistent left navigation for Round Tables and Divisions

All site level menus from the left navigation, quick links (drop-down menus on top left ) and divsion-specific eyebrow links (Contact Give Join(Division Name)) will remain in alphabetical order as part of the information architecture of our Drupal-based Web site.

Only global admins and some site admins who undertand the menu structures will have the ability to edit menu structures. In order to maintain consistency, member volunteers should contact their Staff Liaison or Division Web Lead with a detailed list of pages that they want added to the Left Navigation as they fit into the proper Information Architecture. Then leads will enter a Track-IT! ticket with a "Web Request", ultimately this process will be facilitated by forms under the internal Help menus on the Drupal Admin menu.

Information Architecture (IA) of all left navigation menus on ala.org

Terms not needed are discarded.  If certain units have something not noted here, unique to it, the appropriate label should be used in the left navigation.

  • About [Unit Acronym]

Includes Governance, use second level to provide shortcuts to bylaws, committees, if desired)

  • Advocacy

If needed, an additional term, such as Advocacy & Promotion, Advocacy and Legislation, Advocacy & Issues.

  • Award, Grants & Scholarships

Drop any unneeded terms

  • Conferences & Continuing Education

For in-person events; unit decides whether to use "see-also or duplicate Online Learning offerings.

  • Get Involved

For recruiting volunteers

  • Guidelines & Standards
  • Membership in [Unit Acronym]
  • News
  • Online Learning
  • Professional Tools
  • Publications and Journals or/& Product, if needed
  • Working with [Unit Acronym]

Resources for Member Leaders