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GLBTRT Web Committee Report - 2010 Annual

Draft - Branding Requirements for GLBTRT Web Presence

These principles will be applied to all the RT's web presence whenever possible:

  • Arrangement, spacing, etc. of identifying text discussed further below can be variable on banners and profiles;
  • Text at the top (above the fold - no scrolling required) makes it clear that project X / page X is within the GLBTRT which is within ALA;
  • Typeface used on page/site is the same throughout (can be variable across different pages, there is no 'RT type face');
  • Text color should be the same throughout a particular site (can be variable across different  pages, there is no 'RT text color');
  • Abbreviations GLBTRT and ALA should be used above the fold - no scrolling required;
  •  Long forms of GLBTRT and ALA should be used above the fold - no scrolling required;
  • When possible, the text GLBTRT and ALA (long and short forms) will be links to the main pages of the organizations;
  • If not possible, there must be clear links to the GLBTRT site and ALA site (above the fold - no scrolling required);
  • The typeface for GLBTRT and ALA in long and short forms should be smaller (in point size) than the name of the resource/project/page name;
  • Use of GLBTRT logo or ALA logos not necessary.  If used, they must, when possible, link to the organization's home page;
  • Use a consistent avatar (profile picture) of the GLBTRT Logo will be used on all sites.

The text on the Over the Rainbow Project (OTR) blog banner is a good, example of the above - [just the text is what I'm concentrating on here as an example, not the image, etc - http://alaovertherainbow.wordpress.com/] – I still need to embed links in the banner.

The above Branding Requirements for GLBTRT Web Presence is only a part of the larger document, Draft Guidelines for Social Networking the Committee which the committee has been developing since last Fall.  Visit the ALA Connect page:   These guidelines contain information about Maintenance of GLBTRT Web Presence, Content Contribution Guidelines, and 'Friend-ing' Guidelines.


To further bind all the threads of our web presence together, we’re working with Jenny Levine to transfer our existing glbtrt blog (if and ONLY if all entries can be migrated) into their new blog hosting system (a Wordpress-hosted service) as well as setting up a new blog for the Over the Rainbow Project (OTR)in that same ala-owned-operated space.  The OTR blog will roll out after annual.

Reasoning for rolling our existing blogs and new ones (going forward) to be in this service:

  • Someone at ALA will always have access to these sites/accounts so we will not lose access in cases where one person happens to be the only admin and they drop out of contact;
  • ALA is paying for this service already;
  • There support service at ALA and Wordpress;
  • Having our blogs in a real ala domain will help search engines send our blog entries up in search results;
  • URLs will just be nicer because they will be uniform.
    • glbtrt.ala.org/ort
    • glbtrt.ala.org/overtherainbow  OR glbtrt.ala.org/OTR

Contacts Page Updates

As always, monitor our Contacts page and contact us with updates.  Note the following Connect page is where we keep updates to be made to the site (as well as updates to be made the day after Annual).  Go here and scroll down to the heading “Website Updates for AFTER Annual 2010” to see if your items are already here.    If not, email them email glbtrt@gmail.com.

History Page

In the coming year we will add a "History" item on the top-level menu item of the GLBTRT webpage.  The History page will showcase RT History with digitized ephemera and perhaps personal narratives of members, even old committee rosters.

More about this project will be developed in the coming months.  Please contact us if you have historic GLBTRT materials or stories to share.  We’re open to recording oral histories.  Historic materials will be scanned and shared on the GLBTRT website and either returned to the owner or sent on to the ALA Archives at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Anniversary Programs
  • Printed book lists (handouts)
  • GLBTRT publications

Newsletter Project

We’re still working on gathering copies of newsletters to be scanned and placed on the website.  Currently, we have almost a complete run back to 1988 posted on the website.  Over the last 6 months copies of back-issues have trickled in from membership.  As copies come in, they are being scanned and thoroughly processed with image quality, accessibility and size considerations in mind.   After exhausting leads with members’ person collections, we have compiled and verified a list of all libraries listed in WorldCat which hold Newsletters.  We will be contacting or visiting two schools which have near-complete runs of the newsletters.  By August, Sara will take the collection we have been able to gather a that date and develop her index which will be completed by late December.

Social Networking


Our social networking presence is continuing to flourish.  As we have added accounts to different social networking sites the need to streamline account maintenance by a single person became critical.  Hootsuite allows us to instantly share or schedule updates to our Facebook Page, Twitter and MySpace accounts at one time, in one place.   Additionally, Hootsuite has been configured to send an update to our Facebook Page, Twitter and MySpace automatically when any of our blogs have a new post.  (Hootsuite monitors the RSS feeds of all the blogs.)  Hootsuite also allows for multiple accounts and project/task assignments.


Long term, the goal is to combine all RSS feeds of all our blogs and social networking pages have updates (no duplicates) appear dynamically in one feed on the GLBTRT’s home page.

New Accounts

Explore how our new accounts might be useful to the GLBTRT.  Getting the accounts in social networking sites – even accounts we don’t use - prevents squatters, well-meaning or otherwise from launching an account in our organization’s name.

  • Digg
  • LibraryThing
  • LinkedIn

The initial goal is to add all Stonewall winners first to the ‘collection’ and then add all the titles in Rainbow Project and OTR as well as Reviews.  The Initial time investment is large but will even out to a low time investment as additions will be added on a scheduled basis as the Awards are given and as our list projects issue more book lists and reviews are published.   We will have a maintenance cycle that follows the publishing of:

  • new Stonewall Award winners and honor books
  • new books added to Rainbow Project and Over the Rainbow lists
  • new books are reviewed

Reasoning for GLBTRT's LibraryThing presence:

  • promote LGBTQ titles in LibraryThing
  • Promote the GLBTRT's Stonewall Book Award books, List books and Reviewed books through using consistent tags to identify books by award, list and review tags in LT
  • contribute relevant tags to any lgbtq books on LibraryThing

For more information see the GLBTRT Website Committee’s workspace devoted to LibraryThing:  http://connect.ala.org/node/100505

Profile: http://www.librarything.com/profile/GLBTRT

Facebook Migration & Consolidation

On May 14th we sent out a message to the members of our Facebook Group and Facebook Page announcing we will soon be closing down the Facebook Group and adopting the Facebook Page as our official FB presence.  In the spring we closed down another GLBTRT FB group.

For those of you who are members of both groups, you have been getting duplicate event notifications.  We decided to place RT events in both accounts for Annual until we can transition to using the FB Page and delete the FB Group.

Text from the message we sent is below.  Note that similar notifications will be sent, one every two weeks for one month beginning in September to Group members:

Join our Facebook Page.  The Group page will be phased out and shut down sometime after Annual in favor of the FB Page (using a group template).  I will be sending out notices about this when we have a schedule so we don't loose you 400+ FAB folks who joined our Group.  ;)


Advantages of a "page" over a "group":

  • We need one presence on FB so members of both the Page and Group don't get hit with the same messages and event requests;
  • Maintaining one page and adding events will be simpler;
  • We can link to other pages as "favorites" & be linked as a “favorite” (other ala Pages, and lgbt groups);
  • You can add applications to your page such as RSS feeds, Flickr accounts, Twitter, etc.
  • You can gather (anonymous) demographic information about the users who visit your page;
  • you receive weekly updates about your page, number of visits, number of clicks, etc.
  • You can advertise your page on Facebook;
  • You will still have the same functionality to create discussion threads, upload photos, and create events as the FB Group;
  • When you create events you can specify which regions you want it advertised to (For example, if you have an event in NYC you can send out an update to only users that are in that region);
  • You have much more freedom to provide information about your organization (a page will have a tabbed format instead of being limited to a single page as is true with a group)
  • If you want to upload videos you can simply add the YouTube application instead of having to upload them to Facebook itself (this way you can link to videos on YouTube that you don't have rights to);
  • the link is really short!  <>< />

Meeting Documents (current and past)

The Website Committee is making an effort to have current meeting agendas and minutes posted on the website in a timely manner.   These minutes and agendas are well-structured documents processed with rich metadata and structure to make them very accessible as well as easy to read.  These templates are located on the Events & Meetings page.

Working with the Secretary, we have developed an agenda and minute templates with many automated features (auto numbering and spacing) to make dealing with the formatting of these documents easier.  The structure of these documents is based off of models from formats in Alice Sturgis’ The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, 4th Edition, as well as Robert’s Rules of Order.

Past minutes and agendas are also being collected and placed on the website.  We will soon send out a call to members to check their files for Newsletters and meeting minutes/agendas.

Currently we have all our 2010 documents posted;  2009 Annual SC I & II minutes and agendas;  all of 2007 except for agendas for Annual; 2000 SC I & II Annual.   Soon to be processed and posted is SCII from 1999 Midwinter Meeting.

If you have agendas and minutes we are missing on the above page, please email us at glbtrt@gmail.com.

Current and Past Minutes/Agendas: <>< />

Minutes/Agenda Processing Workflow:  <>< />

WorldCat Links Project

Currently, we are exploring how to make book lists more dynamic.    As a pilot, we are making all the titles in the Stonewall Book Award Book list link to WorldCat records.   These links (point to carefully chosen records) allow the user to see a particular title in the libraries (who participate in WorldCat) near them as well as provide links to purchase the books if they desire from several vendors.  While this is not a perfect solution, it does get people closer to finding a book they might be interested in.  We have plans to have all books in all our book lists and reviews (past and current) have links to these records.  Old lists without links are also being maintained in case the project is deemed useful.

Committee Roster

Karyn Choi 2010-2012
Amy Hribar, 2009-2011
Kenneth M. Kozel, 2010-2012
Sara Marcus, 2009-2011
David S. Vess, 2009-2011

Agenda Item

  • If the conversation that started on the SC email list about consistent look of blogs develops in the meeting, I would refer members to two items on this report:
    • Draft - Branding Requirements for GLBTRT Web Presence
    • Blogs

Respectfully Submitted,
David S. Vess
Chair, GLBTRT Website Committee