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Newsletter Report - June 2012

Since I was appointed as GLBTRT Newsletter in December 2011, four newsletters have been published: Midwinter, Midwinter Supplement, Spring, and Summer. The Midwinter Supplement was added to provide information about award and bibliography results during the Midwinter meeting as well as background information for the 2012 round table candidates. Each of these newsletters was 16 pages.


Acting Review Chair, Jesse Nachem, was appointed after Joyce Meggett’s resignation. Also appointed were Newsletter Committee members Sarah Corvene, Lydia Willoughby, and Jarred Wilson.


Jesse has verified names for reviewers and updated the list of volunteers to review books and videos. The new review media distributor, Sue Hardesty, established a spreadsheet of review books/videos, updated as media arrives, that is accessible to reviewers so that they identify available materials for review. The spreadsheet shows materials being reviewed, new media received, and non-current media to be withdrawn from the list with names of requestors and dates sent to them. Sue also set up a communication e-list for all reviewers. A new spreadsheet also contains over 50 publisher contacts for review requests. 


Plans for the coming year include the publication of an additional newsletter, an Annual Conference supplement that includes committee reports and GLBTRT information from the summer convention. With this publication, six newsletters will be available to readers during 2012.


The GLBTRT discussion e-list has been useful in obtaining information for the newsletter. Many thanks to the people who contributed to that and to their willingness to provide follow-up for their contributions.


Nel Ward, Editor

GLBTRT Newsletter