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Report from the ALA Executive Board Liaison to COO

Dear COO:  Since I will not be able to join you in person for your meeting in Anaheim, I have attached my report of  (hopefully) interesting developments in ALA from the Executive Board.  I currently chair the ALA Conference Committee, and our meeting time matches that of COO on Saturday afternoon.  Please let me know if you have questions or comments about the points raised in this document.  I wish you all success in dealing with the concept as well as developing a viable process to allow the "sun to set" on ALA groups.  I am offering no personal nominees to go first. i do join Jim in offering my congratulations to Gail Dickinson for being  chosen as President-elect of AASL.


Steve Matthews

Member, ALA Executive Board



(I have attached this as both docx  and txt since I am sending it from my MAC.) Let me know if you can't open it.)



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Thanks for this brief information!