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CRS Standards Committee business meeting agenda (2012 Annual)

ALCTS/CRS Standards Committee business meeting agenda


Time: June 23, 8-10am

Place: Crowne Plaza Anaheim Resort, Mazatlan C



1.        Volunteer to take minutes

2.        Introductions

3.        The quarterly report after the Midwinter

4.        ALCTS Continuing Resources Standards Update Forum

Sunday, June 24, 2012
10:30am-12:00pm, noon
Hyatt-Grand Ballroom B

Regina Romano Reynolds, ISSN Coordinator, Library of Congress will give us an update on ISSN and related projects.  Todd Carpenter from NISO, co-chairs of ResourceSync, will report on ResourceSync which will research, develop, prototype, test, and deploy mechanisms for the large-scale synchronization of web resources, and it is a joint cooperation between NISO and the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) team.  John Hostage from Harvard Law School Library will speak on the IFLA standards which play a pivotal role in the international community.

5.        Brainstorming topics for the forum of 2013 Midwinter (Naomi)
      * will need 1-2 volunteers to coordinate the forum


6.        CRS Standards Committee charge review

The CRS Policy & Planning committee has asked us examine our committee charge to determine (1) if it is the most recent charge for your committee; and (2) if this charge is different from what the committee is actually doing.  Our committee charge is available on the ALA website at:


To provide input on the process of creating and revising information-related standards and related best practices and guidelines, including input on ISO and NISO technical standards and recommended practices via the ALA NISO representative; to offer forums for the continuing resources community about developing and revised standards, best practices or guidelines and their application; to develop and maintain active channels of communication with organizations which create and maintain relevant standards, practices or guidelines; to continuously develop and coordinate standards activities with relevant committees and other interested groups within the American Library Association.


7. Others?