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2011 Annual Business meeting minutes

Minutes of the Continuing Resources Cataloging Committee Business Meeting

American Library Association Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA

Saturday, June 25, 2011 8:00 AM- 10:00 AM

Royal Sonesta, Acadia Suite

Present: Kelley Lasher, Robert Rendall, Eva Sorrell, Steve Shadle, Jennifer Young (Chair),

During our business meeting we discussed potential topics for our Update Forum at Midwinter. Potential ideas included PIE-J updates, KBART revisions, or a panel consisting of catalogers currently using RDA for their work.

Pertaining to Annual Conference, we discussed the idea of having a program at Anaheim, particularly a virtual series of webinars. No topic was settled on for this as of yet.

We discussed virtual participation on our committee. We lamented that our current meeting setup doesn’t encourage the use of speakerphones due to multiple committees meeting in the same room. Paul Moeller did say that we could meet virtually prior to Midwinter Meeting instead of the Saturday morning meeting.

Discussed the idea of broadcasting and/or videorecording our popular Update Forums so those who are unable to attend would be able to participate. The chair will look into this, possibly for Midwinter Meeting in Dallas.


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