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Notable Children's Recordings Discussion List Annual 2012

Discussion List

Notable Children’s Recordings

Annual 2012


Bell Bandit, The (Lemonade #3); 2 hrs. 59 min; $30.75; Recorded Books; 9781456132811

Can You Canoe?; 38 min. 29 sec.; $14.99; The Okee Dokee Brothers;  

Cheshire Cheese Cat, The; 4 hrs. 14 min; $30.00; Listening Library; 9780449010280

Five Lives Of Our Cat Zook, The; 4 hrs. 58 min; $38.00; Listening Library; 9780307968692

Hero in You, The; 45 min.; $15.00; Black Wolf Records;  

Mighty Miss Malone, The; 7 hrs, 55 min; $44.00; Listening Library; 9780307968241

Mr. And Mrs. Bunny--Detectives Extraordinaire!; 4 hrs, 20 min; $30.00; Listening Library; 9780307942654

Potluck, A; 29 min. 42 sec.; $12.98; Rainy Dimes Music;  

Secrets at Sea; 3 hrs, 45 min; $27.00; Listening Library; 9780307968289

Tall Story; 5 hrs, 53 min; $45.00; Listening Library; 9780307968753

Winter Pony, The; 7 hrs. 11 min.; $66.75; Recorded Books; 9781461830757

Winterling: Book 1 of the Winterling Series; 6 hrs. 17 min; $51.75; Recorded Books; 9781464010309

Women in Blue or Gray: True Stories from Both Sides of the Civil War; 1 hrs. 13 min; $14.95; Greathall Productions, Inc; 1882513635

Wrinkle In Time, A; 6 hrs, 3 min; $25.00; Listening Library; 9780307916594