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Changes to Annual Conference

Hi all!

I'd like to draw your attention to this post from Mary Ghikas regarding upcoming changes to the planning and structure of Annual Conference: http://connect.ala.org/node/178761, please read through the documents posted there. These changes go into effect with the 2013 conference.

The major takeaways are:

- "Official" conference deadline for initial program submission will be October and final program submissions will be in January-February (yes, LITA already operates on this planning schedule)

- all programs "will be digitally captured for later access by attendees." In order to make that possible, all programs will be placed in the convention center, as a result the conference campus will be shrinking as will the number of programs offered.

- all program slots will be 90 minutes.

- Divisions have been limited to 20 programs for Annual 2013; that includes Top Tech Trends, President's Program, and Open House, but does NOT include preconferences.  PPC can accept 17 programs for 2013 (plus precons). That number will likely change year-to-year depending on the city we're in.

I think you'll notice right away that many of these changes are things that LITA has been doing and/or attempting to do for some time. Indeed, our condensed proposal review process and recording/streaming of our major programs were models for this proposal - so pat yourselves on the back!

Keep in mind, that this transition is still a work in progress and ALA does want to hear feedback from program planners across the association - bring your thoughts, ideas, suggestions to our meeting in Anaheim this Sunday, and/or comment on this post.

Hope to see you in Anaheim,