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Danielle Pollock's picture

Over the Rainbow (OTR) 2012 ALA Annual Committee Report

The aim of the Over the Rainbow (OTR) Project has been to further the mission of the GLBTRT by promoting the improved quality and accessibility of GLBTQ literature through the provision for adult readers of an annual annotated bibliography of books.

Now in our third year, we continue to provide GLBTQ readers and the general public with guidance in selecting commendable books that reflect the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered experience and communities.

The early part of 2012 was spent finalizing this year’s roster, and we now have a very strong committee. The current committee members are: Danielle Pollock (Chair), Albuquerque, NM; Robert Graziano (Vice Chair), Chicago, IL; Arla Jones (Immediate Past Chair, non-voting member), Lawrence, KS; Andrew Foskey, Cleveland, TN; Martin Garnar, Denver, CO; Paige Mano, Racine, WI; Kelly McElroy, Iowa City, IA; Caroline Nappo, Champaign, IL; Robert Ridinger, De Kalb, IL; and Nel Ward, Newport, OR.

The committee members have put a lot of work into indentifying, acquiring, reading and evaluating potential candidates for the Over the Rainbow list. Thus far, we’ve overall had a very positive response from publishers and authors, many of whom are now familiar with our list from previous years.

So far, at least 53 titles have been nominated by at least one member of the committee for consideration for this year’s list.

Respectfully submitted,

Danielle Pollock