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GLBTRT Steering Committee I Meeting Agenda & Minutes, 2012 ALA Annual

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This document contains both the meeting agenda and minutes.

Meeting Agenda

June 23, 2012

8–10am Hyatt Regency Orange County - HYATT - Garden 1

  1. Call to order
  2. Introductions
  3. Approval of Agenda
  4. Approval of Minutes from Previous Meetings

    a. 2012 ALA Midwinter Meeting
    i.  Steering Committee I [Word doc: 39kb]
    ii. Steering Committee II [Word doc: 49kb]

    b. 2011 ALA Annual Conference
    i. Steering Committee I [pdf: 539kb]
    ii. (Steering Committee II was cancelled)

  5. Reports

    Reporting time at SC I is only intended for quick updates not covered by their reports.

    All SC membership should submit their reports (as a public document) to their ALA Connect spaces a week before the SC I meeting.  GLBTRT committee chairs should place their reports in their committee spaces.  Officers should place their reports in the Steering Committee's space.  Report tips can be found the procedure manual.

    a. Executive Board Liaison, J. Linda Williams (ca. 9 a.m.) - ALA Board Update [Word doc attached below]
    b. Officers and Councilor
    c. Committees (standing and ad hoc)
    d. Liaisons & Representatives

  6. Open Issues

    a. None suggested thus far

  7. New Business

    a. SRRT Resolutions (Hepburn)

    Resolutions (June 18th versions) are attached below.  Langauge in resolutions can change very quickly.  Subscribe to the GLBTRT members email list for updates.

    i. Resolution in Support of Whistleblower Bradley Manning
    ii. Resolution on Access to Information and Wikileaks
    iii. Resolution on Voter Suppression in America

    b. Committee Appointments Update  (Vess)

    c. Secretary Tasks Update (Vess)
    i. Draft Language Karen and David will consult on

    d. GLBTRT Liaisons and Representatives Guidelines (Moore)
    i. Draft Language

    e. Transition to Board Update (Vess)
    i. Board Meetings
    ii. Committee Charge Project

  8. Announcements
  9. Adjournment


Meeting Minutes

Members present: A. Moore, S. Vaillancourt, P. Hepburn, R. Hansen, D. McNeill, D. Vess, L. Day, D Pollack, F. Escobedo, L. Romans, P. Coyl, A. Johnson(acting secretary)

The meeting was called to order at 8:08 A.M. Introductions around the table were made.  The agenda was approved. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved on a motion by Hansen. The minutes of the 2011 meetings were removed from added to the website on a motion by Vaillancourt and Vess.

Moore had no update report to submit beyond one linked below. McNeill’s report on the Round Table Coordinating Assembly will be delivered later in this meeting. The treasurer reported revenues of $11,000 and expenditures of $7,000. The endowment stands at $143,913.

McNeill, reporting from the Round Table Coordinating Assembly, stated that the conference will be changing format, beginning with the annual conference next summer.  The meetings will be confined to the convention center and one hotel. The total number of meetings will be limited also. The emphasis will on collaboration between committees. Each committee will have one slot for either business or a program.  ALA feels that business meetings should not be happening face to face but in an electronic environment before the conference.  It was also reported that ALA has a current deficit of $200,000, which was anticipated and planned for. ALA Connect will be re-designed. With regards to the Roadmap for Change, it will be discussed at annual. The time frame for meetings will also change. All meetings will be either 90 minutes or 1 hour; no two hour meetings will be allowed in the future. Day raised the issue of the reason for the mid-winter conference if business meetings are to be conducted electronically from now on. However, it was pointed out that there is a need at mid-winter for juries to meet for many awards.

Vess reported that there is a need for 1 or two appointments on some committees. We also need a representative to the Diversity Council.  The Book Awards Committee chair stated that the awards this year were given in all categories.  The report of the committee is available on Connect and linked below. It was a really good year. The Program Comm. Chair, Vaillancourt, reported that there were several programs that were going to happen, meaning a really packed schedule.  There was no report from the Councilor at the meeting but his full report is below. Pollack of Over the Rainbow Book List Committee had no report other than the one already posted in ALA Connect and linked below.  Romans, Membership chair, reported that membership is up. The people who dropped membership cited the economic situation as the reason. There has been practically no response to the buddy program.  There is a need for female members to make themselves available to mentor new members.  One person is needed to be in charge of the buddy program and one for orientation. It was reported that Diversity Forum has replaced the Spectrum Fair. The Diversity Forum is more structured that the Fair was. Romans has been our representative on that issue. We need representatives on both the Diversity Council and Legislative Assembly as well as members for Fundraising and Membership committees.

Committee Reports

Officer, Councilor, ALA Executive Board Liaison Reports

L. Williams, our representative from the ALA Executive Board, reported on the re-structuring of the conference.  There is also discussion on re-structuring dues. It may be tied to the Consumer Price Index and rise 2.5% per year.

SRRT has three resolutions to present to the membership on wiki leaks, Bradley Manning and voting. The first two have already been discussed.  The last one deals with voter suppression. Romans moved and Day seconded a motion stating that the RT does not support voter suppression. (The resolutions are attached to this page, see below.)

The subject of liaisons and representatives was discussed next.  In the past these positions have been fairly informal.  We need to decide which groups we need liaisons for  and how we go about picking the people for the positions.

There was some discussion on the transition from the former governing structure to the board structure. There will be a need for more virtual meetings in the future.  Steering Committee Meeting II was canceled. Meeting was adjourned at 9:57 A.M. 

Andrew Johnson, GLBTRT Secretary
January 2013

Minutes modified and approved by GLBTRT Executive Board, ALA 2013 Midwinter Meeting.  Posted here by Vess.