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DRAFT agenda for RTCA meeting, Friday 22 June

is attached.  Please let me know of items to be added.  Agenda will no doubt change by next Friday, but this is a start.

RTCA-agenda-2012-annual.docx14.93 KB
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Unfortunately, I will not be attending ALA Annual this year.


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Sent: Friday, June 15, 2012 4:38 PM

To: Threatt, Monique Louise

Subject: [ALA Connect] DRAFT agenda for RTCA meeting, Friday 22 June (new) - Round Table Coordinating Assembly

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Colleagues, as per the agenda, Sherri Vanyek will be at the RTCA meeting on Friday to discuss Drupal.  She has shared a document with us for that discussion.  

Also, Danielle has a student who will attend the meeting and take minutes for us.
Plus, I hope you have all seen the latest post from the BARC group--the Round Table Financial Orientation Module is finished and up for viewing.

RTCA2012MeetingDrupal.pdf48.21 KB