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Resources for newly-elected Round Table leaders

A number of documents/resources have been posted over the past month to assist new round table leaders in adjusting to their new duties. They are attached below.
I will be separately posting a draft agenda for next Friday's RTCA meeting. Notify me of agenda items you want added, please.

Member Leader Resources website at http://www.ala.org/groups/mleader  includes  basics on finances, running a meeting, an organizational look at ALA's structure, and more.

Toolkit--Information for Round Table Treasurers  During your tenure as Treasurer, you will be in close contact with ALA’s Budget Analysis & Review Committee (BARC). Attached is information from a message  received from Clara Bohrer, current Chair of BARC, re. conference sessions that RT Treasurers and other RT
leaders should attend if at all possible.  NOTE: The “online webcasts” Clara refers in the attachment to is a series of four webinars about American Library Association finances. All four are listed below and are available at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4234E31B4C2F3EE9&feature=plcp.

1--The ALA Operating Agreement.  2--Budget Cycle and Process.  3--Long Term Investments.  4-- ALA’s
Organizational Structure

A fifth webinar, expressly made for Round Table treasurers, was to be available around the first of June, but is not on YouTube as of my writing this

Toolkit--"Rules of Order" summary by Eli Mina Eli Mina, ALA Parliamentarian, has give RTCA permission to post his summary of "Rules of Order." It outlines basic principles for using Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, the handbook used by ALA, to conduct a business meeting.

Toolkit--Dates  and Deadlines  Here is a general listing of dates and deadlines from Danielle Alderson, ALA staff liaison to the RTCA. Danielle and I are working together on this toolkit. She will fill in specific dates when they are known, but this general framework will not change much from year to year.

Althugh we could have waited until all the specifics were known, we have had so many requests for a listing such as this,Danielle gave me permission to put this up in draft format.

Toolkit- Roles of RT Liaisons and RT Staff Liaisons.  Again, another draft, but fairly accurate.