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When I export my conference schedule to my calendar, why do the times change?

The ALA Conference Scheduler creates ics/iCal files for the correct time in the location where the conference is taking place. If you're importing those sessions into a calendar you've set to a time zone that is different than the conference location, your calendar software will automatically adjust the times on them.

In other words, if the conference will take place in the Pacific Time Zone, the appointments will be set in Pacific Time. If your device's clock and calendar are set to Eastern Time, then the appointments will register 3 hours “later” in the calendar on your device.

Example: A 12:00 Noon appointment in Pacific Time will show as 3:00 PM in Eastern Time if your calendar is set to ET. This does not mean the appointment is wrong, it merely reflects the Time Zone on your device.

Most smartphones will automatically adjust the Time Zone when you cross the Time Zone boundary. Most laptops and netbooks require a manual Time zone setting change.

Unfortunately, there's no way for us to know what time zone your calendar is set for and what type of device you'll be using when you arrive at the conference. If you're viewing your calendar on your phone, chances are your phone will update its time zone and the appointments will then display at the correct time.

If you're viewing your schedule on a tablet or laptop, you might need to manually change your time zone in order to see the appointments at the correct local time. You can also use the option to export your schedule as a PDF, which will show the correct local times or use the mobile Scheduler app.

Hopefully this helps explain what's happening, but please leave a comment if you have further questions about any of this.