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Combined Committee on Archives, Libraries, and Museums (ALA CALM / SAA / AAM)

Sunday, June 24, 2012
1:30 pm to 3:30 pm, US/Pacific

US/Pacific (-7)

Business meeting to discuss issues of mutual interest to museums, archives and libraries, set strategy to address those concerns, and plan 2013 annual conference programs.

Tentative Agenda

I. Introductions

II. Appointment of secretary/note-taker

III. Old Business

      1.  Review of programs presented at AAM and ALA

      2.  Discussion of program planned for SAA

IV. New Business

      1.  How can CALM influence those issues that affect LAMs? – Open Discussion

            -What are the issues?

            -Identify strategies where CALM can make a difference, including but not limited to:

            A. Education

               1. Assist with coordinating topics and offerings across organizations

               2. Encourage cross-advertising with other organizations

               3. Ensure that credit is given where credit is due

            B. Research

               1. Promote inter-organizational communication on results and research topics

               2. Identify key research topics:

                    a. Digital Preservation

                         i. Massive potential problem, affecting all types of organizations

                    b. Trusted digital repositories

                         i. Applications for all sizes of institutions from the large universities to the small historical societies

                    c. Linked data

                 i. Reuse of metadata and authorities across types of organizations

                 ii. Public/private partnership opportunities                      

               3. Offer programs addressing research topics affecting LAMs at national meetings of SAA, ALA, and AAM as well as other organizations as appropriate

            C. Advocacy

               1. Encourage joint and coordinated efforts in Washington and to international standards bodies and organizations to present a common front re important issues that apply to all cultural institutions

               2. Support joint efforts on addressing issues that may only directly affect one type of organization but may have implications to all

               3. Emphasize the importance of getting the word out to organizations on important issues

               4. Facilitate communication between organizations

            D. Leadership

               1. Assist with coordination of institutes and training sessions to develop the next generation of leaders in our fields

                    a. Harvard Leadership Institute

               2. Offer internship opportunities for future leaders as appropriate

      2. Brainstorm ideas for future CALM programming, including presentation on ALA proposed program planning guidelines - Open Discussion

V. Announcements

VI. Adjournment


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