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Managing your Career in Federal Libraries and Information Centers (FAFLRT)

Sunday, June 24, 2012
9:00 am to 11:00 am

US/Pacific (-7)

The technical expertise, training, and management skills gained from your career in librarianship can transition to other jobs in the Federal system and also translate into follow-on careers in other areas. This program will focus on helpful advice for current Federal library personnel; e.g., how to survive downsizing, coping with change, proactively participating in your agency's reorganization, and preparing for your next interesting career path.

The guest speaker, Dr. Sandra Hirsh, Professor and Director, for the School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University, CA, will offer relevant information for experienced library professionals who might be facing a planned or an unplanned early retirement and who are, therefore, considering new career paths which utilize their skills and education. With the constant addition of new information technologies and changing user needs and expectations, the library and information science profession is one of the most exciting today. Information professionals have developed important skill sets that are being used in innovative ways and are increasingly applicable in a variety of information environments. Dr. Hirsh will explain how new positions have emerged in libraries to meet the changing information landscape as librarians are now working with metadata, e-learning projects, and digital initiatives. Additionally, there are increasing opportunities to apply library and information science skills to other settings in roles such as social media liaisons and taxonomy analysts. Dr. Hirsch, with her combination of academic achievements and professional experiences with global companies, will discuss new career opportunities for library and information science professionals - both inside libraries and in other job settings -- along with strategies for pursuing alternate career paths.

A panel of current and former professional Federal librarians will share their personal experiences in career management, such as applying and transferring to internal or external opportunities, expanding their responsibilities and moving upward during an agency's reorganization, successfully preparing for a desk audit or non-competitive promotion process, and transitioning to a follow-on career.

Speakers will include the following:
Vicky Crone, Head, Continuing Resources Unit, National Agricultural Library;
Richard Huffine, Director, USGS Libraries Program, U.S. Geological Survey;
Jane Killian, Supervisory Librarian, FBI Laboratory Library;
Doria B. Grimes, Senior Analyst, Riverside Technology, Inc., who will explain her smooth transition after Federal retirement to a second career as a contractor;
Blane Dessy, Executive Director, FEDLINK, Library of Congress
Helen Q. Sherman, Director, Component Information Support, Defense Technical Information Center.

During an interactive section, attendees will be encouraged to ask questions and to share their own tips for managing careers in information environments by successfully meeting current challenges and/or moving to new career paths.

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