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Catalog Management Interest Group

Saturday, June 23, 2012
1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

US/Pacific (-7)

The meeting will focus on vendor provided MARC records for titles acquired via Patron Driven Acquisitions (PDA) or Data/ Demand Driven Acquisitions (DDA) programs and the impact of these records on the catalog.

Mary Gilbertson, University of Arkansas Libraries
The University of Arkansas uses the criteria from its YBP book approval plan for their DDA records. The ebook vendor is ebrary, but the approval plan criteria filter the records that are loaded. A load table adds various fields to the cataloging records.

Roman Panchyshyn, Kent State University Libraries
At the Table: Developing a Cataloging Workflow for a Successful Demand-Driven Acquisitions Project
When KSUL began negotiations with YBP to implement a DDA pilot, cataloging staff provided input on MARC record preparation and specifications, record delivery, and workflow processes. This presentation covers the role cataloging staff played in developing and implementing a DDA pilot project; how the bibliographic records are loaded, overlaid, and maintained; and the issues that were discovered while working with these record sets.

Elyssa Sanner, Northern Michigan University
Patron-Driven E-book Acquisitions at NMU: Worth the Effort?
NMU recently implemented PDA through YBP/EBL. Enhanced discovery records were purchased. Through trial-and-error, NMU found solutions that simultaneously maintain the integrity of the catalog and manage resources by editing the elements that pose the greatest barriers to patron discovery.

Sadie Williams, Ebook Library
Tom Larsen, Portland State University Library
Building and Evaluating a Collaborative Consortial Demand-Driven Cataloging Workflow
In January 2011, the 36-member Orbis Cascade Alliance, in partnership with EBL and YBP, announced a new collaboration in consortial e-book acquisitions. This presentation discusses the cataloging workflow to support that program; the decisions and collaborative effort across member institutions and vendors to develop the workflow; the successes, issues, and lessons learned along the way; the role of vendors in the creation of the cataloging records; and the importance of maintaining DDA cataloging records as they affect DDA expenditure and usage.

Wen-ying Lu, University of Colorado Boulder
Mary Beth Chambers, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
PDA Consortium Style: The CU MyiLibrary Cataloging Experience
Boulder's MyiLibrary PDA program has expanded to include all campuses within the UC System, thus launching a collaborative pilot project for shared purchasing and cataloging of e-books. This presentation covers the workflow used to share MARC records; discusses factors affecting editing and customization of the records; and includes strategies for detecting and resolving errors handling PDA discovery records for titles duplicated in other e-book packages.

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