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ALA Annual Meeting, Anaheim, Agenda

              AGENDA:  ACRL Academic Library Trends and Statistics Survey Editorial  Board

                              Sunday, June 24th,  8:30-10:30   ALA Annual  Conference

                               Anaheim, Disneyland Hotel, Magic Kingdom Ballroom 4

                                 Chair, Chip Stewart;  Vice-chair, Chestalene Pintozzi


(NOTE:   The following topics may be adjusted and re-sequenced during the meeting.)


Welcome, request volunteer to take minutes, introductions

Remote participation—Jane Carvajal, coordinator-- pending technical arrangements, Kim Herndon will attempt to call in

ACRL developments—ACRL Leadership Council; Publications Coordinating Committee

Review of Work Plan for 2011-2012

                History—Chestalene Pintozzi

                ACRL FY 2011 survey just completed/ACRLMetrics—Mary Jane Petrowski

Work Plan for 2012-2013

                ACRL FY2012 survey

                                --timing considerations

                                --changes based on new ARL survey—Martha Kyrillidou

                                --Trends Questions 

                                --possible intro letter explaining changes;  webcast?;  resources?

                ACRL FY2013 survey

Statistics developments

                NCES ALS Advisory Council

                                 --NCES ALS FY2012 changes

                                --NCES IPEDS FY 2014 proposals


New Business

New Members, Departing Members, Continuing Members; need for Community College member(s)