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Statement on Access

The Access to Information Committee (AIC) has prepared a “Statement on Access” on behalf of RUSA at the request of the RUSA Board.  We are giving all interested persons an opportunity to submit comments in response to the statement.  Please submit your comments publically on Connect or contact Marilyn Ochoa, Chair of the RUSA Access to Information Committee, at mnochoa@ufl.edu by June 18, 2012.

Statement on Access

As reference and user services librarians, we believe that access to information is a human right.


We value

  1. Libraries’ role in providing people with equitable and open access to information that transcends limitations of personal economics;
  2. Our professional commitment to intellectual freedom and fair use;
  3. Protection of patron privacy;
  4. The freedom to read;
  5. Creation, distribution, and possession of information that is free from interference and censorship;
  6. Equal, ready and equitable access to information collected, compiled, produced, funded and/or disseminated by government agencies.

We support libraries, publishers, and lawmakers in

  1. Crafting copyright laws that reasonably preserve authors’ intellectual property without compromising the library user’s access to information;
  2. Providing equitable access to information for all library users;
  3. Ensuring the long-term access to print and electronic information through robust preservation and access programs;
  4. Facilitating digital and information literacy among library users.

Draft by RUSA Access to Information Committee, February 24, 2012

Jason Coleman's picture

This is fantastic! I have two minor suggestions:

  1. I know "the freedom to read" is standard parlance, but I would support broadening this to all activities involving consumption of information, e.g., "the freedom to acquire information" or "the freedom to watch, listen, read, view, or otherwise engage with informational or creative works."
  2. I recommend deleting the "the" in "ensuring the long-term"
Marilyn Ochoa's picture

Thanks for these comments, Jason.  We will discuss them at the conference next week.


Marilyn, RUSA Access to Information Committee Chair