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ALA12 WAC Agenda - Draft

Tags: Agendas

*This is an Online Doc - similar to a Wiki. If you see the 'Edit' tab above, please make your suggetsions for changes in the document itself*

WAC Agenda - ALA Annual 2012 - Anahiem

Sunday, June 24 2012

3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Red Lion Hotel, Serafina C & D http://ala12.scheduler.ala.org/node/547

 1.0 Call to Order and Introductions - Dobbs 10 min. (3:00)

 2.0 Committee Business - Dobbs 20 min. (3:10)

  3.0 ITTS Report to WAC - Vanyek, Levine 15 min. (3:30)

  4.0 WAC Vice-Chair for 2012-13 - Dobbs 5 min (3:45)

  5.0 WAC Assistance Needed for ITTS – Dobbs/Vanyek 15 min (3:50)

  • Review of the RFP for the new Ecommerce system
  • Review of updated style guide containing best practices for the ALA Website
  • Review of RFP for the new abstract/program proposal and meeting request system
  • Review of video training materials on how to maintain the ALA website in Drupal

  6.0     Develop a guide describing the role of WAC members - communication, participation, and feedback - Dobbs 5 min. (4:05)

  7.0 New Committee Business - Dobbs 15 min. (4:10)

  • Anything from Unit Representatives?
  • Anything from ITTS?
  • Discussion
  • Suggested changes or improvements to ALA web-spaces in general?
  • Suggestions for or from your Unit's web-space in particular?

  8.0 Reports from WAC Members & Units - WAC 20 min. (4:25)

  • Please be ready to (briefly) tell us what your Unit is doing with its web-space
  • Please bring up any questions your Unit has about its web-space or connect-space
  • If you want to report something detailed, please feel free to post it to the WAC Connect Group (or post it publicly in your Unit's Connect-space)

  9.0 Report from Executive Board Liaison - Dora Ho 15 min. (4:45)

  • [WAC will move this report to whenever the Board Liaison arrives]

  10.0 Action Items/Other Business Summary - WAC 15 min. (5:00)

  Adjournment - WAC (5:00)