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Boilerplate email for responding to complaints - Draft

*This is an Online Doc - similar to a Wiki. If you see the 'Edit' tab above, please make your suggetsions for changes in the document itself*

Boilerplate email for complaints

Dear [Name],


  • Thank you for your feedback on [issue copied from complaint].
  • We have discussed [description of any discussions about addressing complaint].
  • We will/have [description of actions we (and which part of ALA is responsible) will/have take(n) to address this].
  • If no action is taken, point to policy, by laws, etc. and explain the decision process.
  • Close with possible follow up actions complainant can take if they are not satisfied.



[who gets to be responsible for these? And who gets to take the heat for dissatisfatction?]

on behalf of ALA

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Aaron, do you know who "we" is?  

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I put "We" in there as a purposfully vague nudge to have the respondent (from the signature section) be the point person for "the heat" on the reply.

As this is a boilerplate, whomever responds can update any part of the message (including changing the "we" to [name of group] which dsicussed :)



"Always remember everyone is working to make the organization better in their own way."
-Eli Mina, ALA Parliamentarian

Vicki Bloom's picture

Aaron, do you know who "we" is?