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EBSS Publications & Communications Committee Agenda for ALA Annual 2012

Publications & Communications Committee

Saturday June 23 9:30-11 a.m.

DIS-Magic Kingdom, Ballroom 2


I.         Welcome and introductions (5 minutes)

II.         Announcements (5 minutes)

III.         Liaisons from Pub committee to other EBSS committees (15 minutes)

  1. Updates from each member
  2. Assign new committee liaisons as needed (new list should be posted to webpage)

IV.         Updates (15 minutes)

  1. Newsletter editor
  2. Web managers
  3. Listserv moderator

 V.         Discuss newsletter guidelines for contributors (20 minutes)

VI.         Discuss use of ALA Connect (10 minutes)

VII.         Approve revised documents (5 minutes)

VIII. Next steps and any other business (15 minutes)