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Agenda for Anaheim 2012

ALA Annual conference, Anaheim
Rare Books and Manuscripts Section Meeting of the RBMS Security Committee  
Saturday, 23 June 2012
4:00-5:30 PM


Disneyland Hotel
North Exhibit Hall Room GH

  The meeting of the Security Committee is open to all.    [Please excuse formatting!]


       I.            Introductions and news (10 minutes)

       II.            Minutes of the last meeting and approval of agenda (5 minutes)

     III.            Chair’s report (10 minutes)

  1. SAA and IFLA-RBMS adoption of Security Guidelines
  2. Communication to Heads of Institutions
  3. Miscellaneous correspondence and news

    IV.            Incidents of Theft report--Jennifer Lowe (10 minutes)

      V.            Update of Resources pages on website and in Guidelines (10 minutes)

    VI.            SAA Security Roundtable’s “Introduction” to Guidelines. (15 minutes)

  VII.            Proactive roles for the Security Committee. (25 minutes)

  1. Security survey
  2. Security audit procedures
  3. Conducting Inventories
  4. Other

VIII. New Business (10 minutes)

  1. Transfer Guidelines review

     IX.            Adjournment