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James Rettig's picture

ALA Committee on Organization Annual Conference 2012

COO Colleagues,

To date not other unit within ALA has sent any business to COO for its action.  This is a very unusual occurrence.

Lois Ann Gregory-Wood is once again COO's staff liaison.  In a recent phone conversation we discussed a proposal COO made some years ago (probably early this century, but perhaps late last century) to the ALA Council to establish a sunset policy for ALA and Council Committees.  I have asked Lois Ann to go through the files and find this proposal and post it here.  We may want to revive the idea.

(Lois Ann, IF time permits at this late date, it would also be helpful to have the Council transcript for the debate on that proposal.)

We will send out an agenda soon.

Meanwhile, Midwinter Meeting COO minutes are attached.

In Anaheim COO will have only one meeting; it will be held on Saturday, June 23  at 1:30 PM in The Marriott, Gold Key 1 & II.

Jim Rettig


Teri Switzer's picture

Thanks, Jim, for the update and heads up that we have no business.  What's that quote about idle hands make devil's work?  And, having said that, I agree that we should consider revisiting a sunset policy.  Cheers and see everyone soon!

Teri Switzer

Teri R. Switzer, Ph.D.

Dean, Kraemer Family Library, UCCS