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Seeing is Believing: Understanding Data Visualization for Library Research (CORS)

Apologies for any duplication - please distribute widely around your networks. Encourage members to attend what should be an exciting and useful session for those who have to transform data into readable and accessible formats for the public, governments, grantmakers, and other interested parties.

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Effective Data Visualization Practices | CORS Workshop | Monday, June 25, 2012, Anaheim, CA | 10:30am to 12:00pm

Anaheim Convention Center, Room 203A

by Ray Lyons, MLIS, MPA

The workshop will provide an overview of best practices in the graphical presentation of quantitative information, emphasizing the need for clarity, fairness, and efficiency.

The purpose of data visualization is to display data impartially in order to uncover the ‘stories’ data have to tell.

Attendees will learn to adopt practices that enhance effective portrayal of these stories and to avoid those that interfere. 

Guidelines for choosing chart styles, labeling and captioning, determining axis scaling, use of color, improving readability, and highlighting key data patterns will be presented.

Examples of poor practices lurking in popular graphical software features will be included.

Ray Lyons is a statistical programmer and independent consultant and trainer in library performance measurement. He is the co-creator of the Library Journal Index of Public Library Service.  His articles on library assessment have appeared in Public Library Quarterly, Public Libraries, Library & Information Science Research, and Evidence Based Library and Information Practice.  Ray has masters degrees in library and information science and in public administration, with a specialty in quantitative methods.   He writes at http://libperformance.com.

Presented by the Committee on Research and Statistics.

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