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Education Committee seeks instructors for online courses

Hello MAGIRT members,

The Education Committee is interested in sharing our member's expertise and hosting webinars, web courses and online learning opportunities through larger ALA venues.  Do you have a topic and expertise that you would like to share?

The Committee is accepting proposals through June 15th.  Submit your proposal to Kathy Weimer, MAGIRT Education Chair at k-weimer@library.tamu.edu.  

Proposal Outline: 

1) Topic description

2) Learning Outcomes

3) Target Audience

4) Instructors (name and brief bio/qualifications)

5) Preferred venue, such as webinar (include length of time, i.e. one-hour, etc.), online course (number of weekly sessions with Moodle or other software) or other venues.

Please do consider sharing what you do with others!