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Brian Mayer's picture


Hi Everyone

I am very excited about this group and its potential. I am wondering though, is this group limited to just the design of digital games? My work is with analog game design, working with students to design board and card games as well as interactive fiction. I believe that a lot of the fundamentals of good game design spans format and so we are left with only the tools that vary in the creation of playable spaces. I am hoping that this is a space for exploring game design in any manifestation. Anyways, I really look forward to meeting everyone else who is making the meeting at ALA.

Breanne Kirsch's picture

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your question. This group is just forming and will be meeting for the first time at this year's ALA Annual Conference. I am the founder and current Chair of the interest group and have some ideas of what we can do with the group, but that is up for discussion at the first meeting in June.

For my own opinion on your question, I would say that all types of games should be included in this group. The reason I created the group originally was for digital games and app design since that's my area of interest and where I have the most to learn, but I would hope that the group would include "game design in any manifestation" as you suggested.

I hope you are able to attend our first meeting on Sunday, June 24 from 10:30am-noon at the Mazatlan CI room in the Crowne Plaza so you can share some of your ideas with us.

If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to contact me off list at bkirsch@uscupstate.edu since I check e-mail more often than the ALA Connect page.


Bree Kirsch

Brian Mayer's picture

Can't Wait.