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Annual 2012 program description

Washington ALA Breakout Session E-Government Services and Libraries Session

Title:  E-Government in Action Matching People with Jobs (Saturday, 10:30-noon, Hilton Anaheim - Malibu Rm.)

Workforce Development is an expanded and new service role for libraries.  Join us for a discussion with grant recipients of e-government grants focusing on workforce community development as they discuss their innovative programs for connecting people with jobs. Featured speakers are:  Sheri Shafer and Tiffany McClary from NJ Works @ your Library,  a New Jersey State Library Program on partnerships and resources that help in the economic recovery of the state by giving libraries the tools they need to expand services to the unemployed and underemployed;   Janice Collins, Technology Supervisor for Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach, Fl. will discuss the “Career Catalyst Program” a career motivating program initiative that is a partnership with Palm Beach County’s Workforce Alliance that creates and manages employment initiatives to assist unemployed library users in one setting;   Jeff Scott, Deputy County Librarian, Tulare County, Calif. will focus on  their innovative “ Job in a Box”  grant program that reaches the unemployed through a book vending machine with resources targeting job seekers at One Stop locations;  and Kevin Cherry, Ph.D. of the Institute for Museums and Library Services (ILMS) will discuss their innovative partnership with the state of North Carolina that trained library  staff throughout the country to assist patrons with job and career skills through their COMPASS  Program.



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Jessica, thank you for this! Question, can I put this message directly into govdoc-l, and would anyone be able to read it in connect, or do I have to re-locate it so that those not in our e-govt group could access it?’Thanks,


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Feel free to link back to this page.  I've made it public, so no one should have a problem accessing it. :)


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