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2012 MidWinter Update Forum Minutes

Minutes of the Continuing Resources Cataloging Committee Update Forum

American Library Association MidWinter Meeting in Dallas

Monday, Jan. 23, 2012, 1:30pm-3:30pm

Dallas Convention Center Room D168

Members present: Peter Vincent Fletcher, Cecilia Genereux, Kelley Lasher, Wen-ying Lu, Robert Rendall, TJ Kao (Intern), Eva Sorrell, Jennifer B. Young (Chair)



  • Updates from ISSN Center, Library of Congress, CONSER, CC:DA
  • Demonstration of continuing resources cataloging using a RDA/FRBR model by John Espley of VTLS
  • Updates on the work of CC:DA Task Force on RDA Instructions for Government and Non-governmental Corporate Bodies from Kevin M. Randall
  • Group discussion of RDA issues led by Adolfo Tarango

Les Hawkins, the CONSER coordinator at LC, gave some updates from LC and CONSER. These updates include the identification of CONSER CSR RDA core elements and the availability of the report for comment, some highlights from the report of PCC Day One for RDA Authority Records, and the status of numerous PCC RDA Task Groups.

Karl Debus-López, in place of Regina Reynolds, gave some updates from the ISSN Center and the Library of Congress. Roberta Shafer is the new Associate Librarian for Library Services after Deanna Marcum retired. The reorganization proposal signed by Marcum before she retired has been submitted and is pending for approval. Due to the significant number of LC staff taking advantage of the early retirement incentive, LC has encountered a drastic staff downsizing. Karl encouraged attendees to volunteer assisting the operation of the ISSN program. In November 2011, LC trained RDA catalogers from the RDA Test have begun creating RDA records. A survey has been sent to numerous constituents for inputs on the ISSN strategic plan. People who are interested can contact Karl or Regina. Regina and other folks will publish papers in responding these inputs and have them discussed in the ISSN governing board meeting in Paris in April 2012. The discussion on the policy on assigning same ISSN to all electronic versions and the rule to create new description for continuing resources will also take place later in 2012.

Adolfo Tarango, the ALCTS/CRS liaison to CC:DA, gave attendees some updates on CC:DA’s work. First, he encouraged attendees to check the CC:DA website for more information. He began with an update on a proposal of treating personal names as main entries for continuing resources. CC:DA would like to continue the current practice under LCRI. So, the possible result will be having the current language in LCRI “move” into LCPS. To prepare for RDA, CC:DA has created numerous task forces to work on different issues. Tarango encouraged interested attendees to contact CC:DA for participation. He also included some updates on RDA, including the progress of the rewording of five RDA chapters, and JSC’s creation of two ways to handle updates.

John Espley, the Director of Product Design & Consulting from VTLS, demonstrated how the VTLS ILS displays the vertical relationships between serials records by using the FRBR/RDA model. The concept of “Super works” is used to link preceding and succeeding titles. He also encouraged attendees who want to know more to try the RDA Sandbox.

Kevin Randall, the chair of the CC:DA Task Force on RDA Instructions for Governmental and Non-governmental Corporate Bodies, brought some issues raised during the works of the task force. The task force discovered the difficulty of identifying sufficient supporting principles in RDA for the instruction for the subordinate corporate bodies, particularly the type 6 (RDA Therefore, the task force’s preliminary recommendation is to eliminate the instruction for type 6. This topic generated a lively discussion among attendees. Another issue is a proposal is to apply the same instruction for governmental corporate bodies to subordinate religious bodies. The task force submitted a proposal of moving the instruction for treating a personal name as the access point for serials from the RDA chapter 6 to the chapter 9 to JSC. John Attig from JSC responded that the acceptance of this proposal will result in mixing two different matters, authorized access points and creators of works. One suggestion is to allow using relationship designators currently only for “creators” for other contributors.

Respectfully submitted,

TJ Kao, CRCC Intern