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Form D.1 Annual Conference Agenda Cover Sheet

Annual Conference

Managing Children’s Services

Priority Group 7----Kay Weisman , Consultant

Committee Chair:  Anitra Steele        May 14, 2012

Meeting Time: TBA….before conference              Meeting Place:  on line



  1. Introductions [include where, type & level you manage]
  2. Form K submitted to become solely a virtual committee
  3. Set regular meeting day/time
  4. Discuss addition/change to charge

Enlarge on “issues” to “trends and policies” in the first sentence?          

Change last sentence to: Topics of concern and interest may be referred to the committee….

  1. Follow up on the idea of a Managing Tech in the Children’s Department program with the Children and Technology Committee exploring the way technology impacts managing your department in policies, budget, scheduling, staff, space, authority etc.
  2. Discuss how being a virtual committee will further the ALSC strategic plan and meet Committee objectives.
  3. Transfer Chairperson authority to new Chair [this may need to wait until after conference]


Reported by

Anitra Steele   May 14, 2012