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Update on Committee Activities

1) I have received no comments on Kate Todd's program proposal for Annual 2013, so she can submit the final proposal with the ALSC Education Committee listed as a sponsor.  http://connect.ala.org/files/5063/2013proposalleveling_pdf_11622.pdf 

 2)  We have received only one Course/Webinar proposal so far.  Sally and Marianne, please send me your comments after you review the proposal. 

      Does the topic offer needed instruction for our members?

      Does the outline of the course/webinar cover the essential points for the topic? 

      Are the learning objectives clear and appropriate for the topic?

      Do you have reservations or suggestions that should be considered before the proposal is accepted by ALSC?


3)  I will be completing the forms to take the Committee totally virtual.

4)  Kate Todd will be taking over as Chair July 1st.  Does anyone have topics the committee should address between now and Annual?  Agenda ideas for the following year?