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ACRL LES Virtual Participation Committee Agenda - 2012 ALA Annual, Anaheim

ACRL LES Virtual Participation Committee Face-to-Face Meeting

2012 ALA Annual Conference  |  Anaheim, CA

Monday, June 25, 8:00-10:00am  |  Disneyland Hotel Castle A & B


I.  Welcome (and designate minutes-taker)

II.  Recap of 2012 Virtual Midwinter meetings and April iLinc test run (and feedback about the virtual experience from ALA Anaheim meetings)

III.  Plans for 2013 Virtual Midwinter

A.  Online meeting platforms:  iLinc (cancel WebEx subscription)

B.  Other options:  conference call, Skype, etc.

C.  Needs/issues for committees/discussion groups

D.  Timetable for committees/discussion groups

E.  Evaluation/surveys

 IV.  Other ongoing activities:  look at guides for iLinc, best practices for online/conference call meetings

 V.  New business

 VI.  Plans for LES VPC meeting in the early fall with 2013 committee to prepare for upcoming virtual meeting cycle (in iLinc, date and time TBD)

 VII.  Adjourn