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Virtual Conference Update

Conference Committee:

The announcement for the ALA Virtual Conference is going out on at the beginning of next week and registration for Virtual will open.  Just to remind you where we are:

- ALA Virtual Conference (July 18-19) is a 3rd conference, still in its growth stage.  It is not a shrunk down version of ALA Annual.  We've tried to keep the overall focus on "mapping library transformation" -- where are we going, what might it look like, how do we get there.

- In general, ALA Virtual Conference Content is unique to that event.  We're still waiting on a couple of confirmations, but here's what I can tell you about this year's VC content at this point:

   > George Needham and Joan Frye Williams will open day 2 of the VC, talking about libraries after print.

   > Stephen Abram will close the VC.

   > Marie Ostergard from the Urban Mediaspace in Aarhus (Denmark) will do a session on the library as an innovation space.

   > James LaRue (Douglas County Libraries, CO) will talk about the innovative e-book work there.

   > Emily Dowdall (Pew Research) will talk about the Foundation's study of the Philadelphia Free Library and the library's role in an urban community.

   > There are several contributed sessions, selected by the ALA Conference Committee:

       - Lisa Hickman on publishers partnering with libraries.

       - Marlene Harris on e-readers.

       - Peter Murray on open source software.

       - Terry Ballard on using Google products to enhance the library mission and branding.

       - Steven Bell on designing for the user experience.

  > During the "author lunches," Booklist's Brad Hooper will interview Katherine Boo and Donna Seaman will interview Anne Tyler.

I'll have another update as the final confirmations come in.

Thanks for all your help and guidance.






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oops, Anne Tyler isn't confirmed yet.  I'll keep you posted.