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RUSA Professional Development Committee review

I recently received the information below from Joseph Yeu, a member of the RUSA Organization and Planning Committee.

When we have our face-to-face meeting in Anaheim (Saturday, June 23, 8:00-10:00 AM, HIL-Mezzanine
Room 14) we will work on providing this information.  The attached document is a start on this.

Since the Midwinter Meeting in Dallas the committee has not received any proposal for CE classes or Webinars.  If you know of members in RUSA working on relevant, promising ideas, please encourage them to developand submit a proposal.


Dear James,

I am a member of the RUSA Organization and Planning Committee. RUSA
Professional Development Committee is up for review. As Chair of the
committee, can you please send to the Organization and Planning Committee
answers to the following questions by Feb 15, 2013:

1. What is the charge of the committee?

2. How do the committee’s charge and activities support the current
RUSA Strategic Plan? (Please list specific activities or accomplishments).

3. Concerning the committee's organization, activities, and goals, what
challenges does the committee face and what change does the committee
recommend to meet these challenges?

4. Which other committees in RUSA or ALA perform similar functions to
this committee? Is there any overlap between this committee and other
relevant ALA/RUSA committees? If so, how might this duplication of effort be

The answers to these questions should not exceed ten pages.

I am the liaison to your committee for this review process. Please do not
hesitate to contact me if you or your committee have any questions in
preparation of the review.


Joseph Yue


RUSA PDC self-evaluation 5-12.docx22.94 KB