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Question from a Conversation Starter Presenter

Dear Conference Committee:

Mary forwarded this email to me today from Michelle Dunaway who is a presenter for one of the chosen  Conversation Starters at Annual Conference. (See email below) Her concern is that the program will be quite a bit different from what she submitted because they have had to refashion their Writing for Veterans presentations at the library because they haven't gotten the attendance they had hoped for.  My feeling is that this probably makes it an even better Conversation Starter because they can share their plan and their added remedies and get feedback from the participants of the Conversation Starter.  But,  take a look at her message and let me know your thoughts.  Should we tell her to continue to prepare and  present her revised program or should be drop it from the lineup.   Over to you  Please share your thoughts by Friday, so we can move forward on this.  Thanks,  Steve





Thanks, Michelle.  I am forwarding this message to Steve Matthews, chair of the ALA Conference Committee.  I know the committee thought this approach to targeting service to returning veterans was extremely important so they may be very open to having you tweak the program so you can continue to address that.  Thanks for checking in.  mg


From: Michelle Duna

Robert Banks's picture

I agree with Steve.  I think the fact that they have had to adjust to reality will add to the interest and provide additional benefit to the attendees.  Seldom does anything I'm associated with go perfectly and I always have things I would like to change, so talking about that should just enhance this topic.

Mary McInroy (non-member)'s picture

Adjusting to reality…. we’re all doing it, all the time.

I vote to keep them in. This is a conversation that needs to get started, and I am sure both audience and presenters will benefit from the presentation and
the conversation.

Mary McInroy

Reference & Library Instruction/ Map Collection

University of Iowa Libraries Iowa City, IA 52242-1420


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Tracie Hall (not verified)'s picture

I agree, that there will be value in sharing the curriculum as well as any lessons learned from the low attendance—particularly around how they may be seeking to remedy the situation through partnerships with veteran’s organizations.

Tracie D. Hall
Chicago Community Investor
The Boeing Company
Global Corporate Citizenship

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Chicago, IL 60606
Ofc: 312.544.2356
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"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."  -- African Proverb


Rose Dawson's picture

I too think that it is a worthwhile program to do. I think their lessons learned would prove to be beneficial when rolling out a program that appears to be sound and timely only to not quite make the grade.