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ALA Annual Conference 2012 PLA Board Meeting

Public Library Association Board of Directors Meeting at ALA Annual Conference: Saturday, June 23, 2012, 1:30-4:30 p.m., Hilton Anaheim, Monterey

Logistics: PLA can't guarantee access to wifi, ethernet or electrical outlets in the meeting room, so please consider saving a copy of the documents to your laptop or tablet before the meeting.

These are links to reference materials.

Policies related to Board service

PLA Strategic Plan


PLA @ ALA http://www.ala.org/pla/education/alaannual

Conference Scheduler: http://ala12.scheduler.ala.org

Resources for Attendees: http://alaannual.org/content/resources-attendees

ALA Annual Conference 2013: Change Roadmap (public) http://connect.ala.org/node/178761

American Libraries E-Content supplement will be available on-site: http://americanlibrariesmagazine.org/e-content



2012.47 PLA Presidents Report.pdf568.97 KB
2012.49 Draft Spring Board Actions.docx24.55 KB
2012.51 Continuing Education Report.docx14.91 KB
2012.52 PLA 2012 Conference Report.docx24.21 KB
2012.53 Publications Report.docx16.03 KB
2012.54 Public Libraries Magazine Report.docx12.94 KB
2012.55 Technology Report.docx20.63 KB
2012.56 Turning the Page Advocacy Report.docx23.47 KB
2012.57 EDGE Initiative Report.docx32.93 KB
2012.59 Partners Program Status Report.docx19.65 KB
2012.60 Awards Program Report.docx25.09 KB
2012.61 Strategic Plan-Strategies Update.docx24.58 KB
2012.50 Membership Report.docx68.14 KB
2012.62 Financial Analysis Overview.docx15.71 KB
2012.63 FY12 YTD by Project.xlsx18.6 KB
2012.64 Adoption of the FY 2013 Budget (Summary from B&F).docx20.21 KB
2012.65 DPLA West Report for PLA 6-5-12.doc39.5 KB
2012.67 Conference Changes roadmap AC2012 distribution.docx28 KB
2012.67a Dues Adjustment Strategies 6-8-12x.pdf107.26 KB
2012.68 Pew Research Center Report.docx28.86 KB
2012.70 School Library Campaign Notes.docx19.87 KB
2012.71 CPLA review.docx15.78 KB
2012.74 LGBT Rights in Cuba, the United States and Beyond_ Mariela Castro and Rea Carey in Conversation _ The New York Public Library.pdf23.74 KB
2012.67b PLFTS Results.pdf662.26 KB
2012.58 Washington Office Report to PLA.docx38.58 KB
Agenda as of 6-14-1225.52 KB
2012.72 Review of ALA Council Agenda.docx22.76 KB
2012.73 ALA Fall Joint Boards Meeting.docx14.96 KB
2012.66 ALA Digital Content Working Group (DCWG) Report.docx27.27 KB
2012.76 School Library TF Report 06.15.12.doc37.5 KB
2012.78 Proposed Terms of Reference onsite.docx16.29 KB
2012.79 Joint Boards document from 2002.docx16.01 KB
2012.77 revised School Library TF Resolution l6 19 12.docx28.59 KB
2012.48 PLA Election Results 2012.docx17.31 KB
2012.80 Audra's_Resolution.docx169.26 KB
2012.75 Leadership TF transition to committee.docx14.34 KB
2012.69 Revised LSSC Competencies and Cover Memo FINAL 6 4 12.doc268.5 KB
2012.72 revised Review of ALA Council Agenda.docx16.94 KB
Agenda AC (revised 6-26-12).docx26.67 KB