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Instruction and Research Services Committee Midwinter 2012 Meeting Highlights

Instruction and Research Services Committee Midwinter 2012 Meeting Highlights

The Committee met on January 22, 2012 at 10:30- noon at the Dallas Convention Center

Members present were: Chair -Nancy A. Bunker, Sara Morris, Janalyn Moss, Michelle Baildon, Christiana Thompson, Jenny Presnell, Helene Lafrance

Members absent were: Shelley A. Arlen, Eileen Bentsen, Marlene Feehan, Julie Housknecht, Joshua M. Lupkin, William Martin Modrow, David Charles Murray, Amanda Perrine, Benjamin Lee Stone and Louis A. Vyhnanek.

Guests: Chris Davidson and Eric Nicholson

Committee discussed plans for the Instruction and Research Services Committee Program for the 2013 Annual Meeting in Chicago.  An overview of the timetable for program planning was discussed. A recap of the email discussion from fall 2011 was presented. Ideas varied from doing reference on local people places and events, genealogy at the academic reference desk and an idea of digital history and humanities. A consensus was reached to submit a proposal for the program on the subject of Digital History. 

A working program title of “Digital History: New Methodologies Facilitated by New Technologies” was agreed upon.  Various digital history projects around the country were discussed.  The committee decided to have a three person panel program with individuals representing a teaching faculty member, a librarian and a vendor or producer of digital history.

Possible speakers from the Chicago area will be researched. Members will continue to discuss the program through email in preparation for a program proposal due to be submitted on May 1.