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Strategic Plan Input Needed by May 31


Now that LLAMA has a new 3-year strategic plan for 2012 - 2015, it's time to gather input from throughout LLAMA to create the Annual Operating Plan for the coming fiscal year (September 2012 - August 2013). This Annual Operating Plan will provide a snapshot of projects, initiatives, and objectives that will be our focus for Year 1 of our strategic plan.

To facilitate input from sections and division-level committees as well as from LLAMA Board members, individuals and staff, we've created a document that outlines instructions and provides a template for input of projects, initiatives, and objectives.

Please submit input to Pat Hawthorne, LLAMA Vice President/President-Elect, by 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 31st -- you can save the template and send via email to phawthorne@emory.edu

All input will be compiled so that the Annual Operating Plan can be reviewed and approved by the LLAMA Board at ALA Annual.

If you have questions, please contact Pat via email or by phone at 404-727-0133.

The approved strategic plan and template are attached for your convenience.

Pat Hawthorne