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Carla Bosco's picture

LibGuies Testimonials

Hello all:

I would love to add libguides but need some rave reviews to pass on to my administration.

How does it help:

1. Performance

2. Alleviate Stress

3. Better research

4. More collaboration

5. Increased use of library



Elisabeth Abarbanel's picture

Libguides have streamlined how we offer pathfinders and help. Kids always know where to go for help on projects. Also, you can view statistics of links, so you can see how many people used particular databases, etc.

You can build them with other  teachers as collaborators (increasing collaboration) and you can embed video and use it as a teaching tool. We like to teach our lessons using the libguides, and we put assignments and homework in them, so kids who are absent won't get too far behind. (Aleviating stress).


The only problem right now for me is that you cannot build a libguide on iPads..but you can see the libguides from anywhere.

Does that help?


Elisabeth Abarbanel


Brentwood School

Los Angeles, CA

School Site: www.bwscampus.com

My Twitter: twitter.com/eabarbanel

My blog: http://archipelagoblog.blogspot.com

Maureen Frank's picture

LibGuides provide a way to reinforce what we teach the kids when we do research presentations to the class.  We have too much information for one short
presentation, so they can go to the LibGuides to review the material at their own pace.  I put the PowerPoint up and I’ve been very surprised to see how many hits it has received.  LibGuides provide statistics on link and page hits and it’s been amazing to
see the extent of the use.  I hope this helps. 


Maureen M. Frank


Harvard-Westlake School

3700 Coldwater Canyon

Studio City, CA 91604



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Sara Douglas's picture

I absolutely love LibGuides. It makes my job easier by making it simple to bring together A LOT of information (links, videos, documents, etc.) into one location. It's fast, simple, and it looks good. The students all know where to go and can find everything they need (or suggestions on where to start). They are more likely to use the databases because I point out (and embed) which ones would be best for their particular assignment rather than just giving them the whole list of what we have available. I can similarly showcase the books we own on the topic which reminds them that there ARE helpful books and they don't have to get everything online. I teamed up with a teacher to make a big guide on mythology and my statistics were through the roof. The students loved having all of her handouts and my links and things all together. It just made all of our lives easier!

Sara Douglas
Director of Libraries
St. Andrew's Episcopal School