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Amber Prentiss's picture

Agenda - March 30, 2012 meeting (RUSA P&C)

Agenda - March 30, 2012 meeting

RUSA Publications and Communications Committee

@ RUSA Publications and Communications Committee Connect Chat Room


1 p.m. Eastern


  1. Volunteer note-taker?
  2. When to meet at Annual?
  3. Status of Emerging Leaders RUSA Blog project (Michael)
  4. Discussion re: developing online "expert clearinghouse" 
    1. Report from "next steps" groups (see http://connect.ala.org/node/161063)
  5. Create and assign any next steps



Gwen Arthur's picture

Hello Amber and fellow committee members,  I will be attending the meeting Friday.  Looking forward to "chatting" with you all then.

Gwen Arthur, Clark University

Shelley Arlen's picture

Or will we be using some ALA software?

(Just want to be prepared.)

also, one of our group members, Nicole Pagowsky, had to withdraw from this committee.


Looking forward to speaking with all tomorrow.


Shelley Arlen

U.S. and British History Librarian

Humanities & Social Sciences Library West

Box 117022

University of Florida

Gainesville, FL  32611-7022



fax:  352-392-8118



Shelley Arlen's picture

sorry, I see that you, Amber, are testing the RUSA chat system.