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Call for volunteers - Discussion List/Website Administrator, ACRL Image Resources Interest Group

The ACRL Image Resources Interest Group (IRIG) is seeking a Discussion List/Website Administrator for the 2012-2014 term. IRIG positions are dynamic and flexible, with many opportunities for leadership, involvement with ACRL, and collaborative and creative work. Membership in ACRL is required for this position.

The Discussion List/Website Administrator will work with the Convener, Incoming Convener, and Past Convener to:

  • monitor the ACRL IRIG email mailing list;
  • maintain ACRL IRIG's web presence;
  • develop new website/online formats, as needed, for publicity and outreach.

The Incoming Convener will be appointed after ALA Annual, and will begin serving immediately, as of July 1.

Please contact us with questions, and to express your interest in volunteering for the position of IRIG Discussion List/Website Administrator for the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 years. Please include some information about your interest in images in academic libraries, any previous involvement with IRIG, and your experience with committee/collaborative work - particularly online communications and outreach.

Thank you very much for considering this opportunity. We look forward to hearing from you!


Shilpa Rele

Convener, ACRL Image Resources Interest Group

Loyola Marymount University




Robin Leech

Incoming Convener, ACRL Image Resources Interest Group

Oklahoma State University