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The end of March approaches? Which ConverStart and Ingite Session should go forward?

I hope that all of you have had a chance to look at the list.  It is a big one, but the process depends on us helping the planners make the best programming decisions.  Please take some time before next week and review the list and put forward the ones you think would work well given the nature of our attendees.  What's hot?  What's already been done?  What needs to be kicked further down the road?  You don't need to come up with 18, just choose the ones that really "ignite" your interest and we can "start a conversation" about which ones will be the most successful. Also, we can discuss if the format fits the topic? Let Mary or me know if you have questions.  The list is incredibly diverse which just reaffirms both the amazing breadth of our profession but also the size of the challenge we have trying to meet all of the needs.