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2012 Feb 27 Chat Meeting Summary

2012 Feb 27 Chat Meeting Summary

The CAL committee met via chat on ALAConnect to discuss the committee’s charge, the ALSC leadership focus on advocacy, and plans for future issues.

Attending were: Chris Desai, chair, Rita Dunn, Jean Stephenson, Africa Hands, and Joyce Laiosa. Sharon Verbeten, CAL Editor, Amy Martin, Lisa Taylor, and Carol Hopkins were unable to log in. Robin Kurtz was absent due to a scheduling conflict.

Those present briefly discussed the committee’s mission statement and found no changes are needed now that the committee is virtual.

Next the group discussed the latest Division Leadership priority: advocacy. Chris summarized the “Elevator Speech” exercise conducted at the Division Leadership meeting at Midwinter, designed to prepare ALSC members to address various “targets”, i.e., audiences or stakeholders, with arguments and facts to support or promote library services and collections for children. Small groups chose a target and marshaled their talking points. Chris later distributed notes from the flipcharts from this exercise for the committee to consider in planning how to promote advocacy through Children and Libraries. Though the journal does promote advocacy directly and indirectly through its articles, the group thought a column devoted to advocacy examples would be a good way to draw attention to this issue. Possible names for the columns were discussed. Editor Sharon Verbeten, though unable to attend, later suggested that committee members could serve in turn as column editors.

Finally the committee discussed the journal’s participation in the Caldecott Celebration and suggested an interview with Brian Selznick, possibly using questions from children in our libraries. There will be a themed issue, with the focus on articles from the perspectives of winning authors, illustrators, and publishers. Sharon later confirmed she is already working on interviews with both Brian Selznick and David Wiesner.  Plans for this and the next issue will be further discussed via email.

Members expressed interest in results from the recent ALSC publication readership survey. Chris found that the results have not yet been compiled but will be sent to out soon.