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Angela Nolet's picture

Emerging Leaders on the 2012 ALA Ballot

Hello All,

In the past we have started a list of all the EL's who are on the ballot. I hope all of you on the ballot will comment with your name and what you are up for.

Thanks and good luck!

Angela Nolet

2010 EL

Steven K. Bowers's picture

Steven K. Bowers, Emerging Leader 2008.  I am running for Council Member at Large and will be happy to serve if elected.

Robin Kear's picture

Robin Kear, Emerging Leader 2008.  I am also running for Council. Thanks for voting!

Rachel Vacek's picture

Rachel Vacek, Emerging Leader 2007.  I am running for one of two open slots of LITA Director-at-Large. For more info, please see my website, or contact me with questions at vacekrae@gmail.com. Thanks!


Rachel Vacek

Arianne Hartsell-Gundy's picture

Arianne Hartsell-Gundy, 2010 Emerging Leader, running for ACRL Literatures in English Section's Vice-Chair/Chair Elect position.

Arianne Hartsell-Gundy
Humanities Librarian
Reference and Collection Services
210 King Library
Oxford, OH 45056

Annis Adams's picture

How do I change my email with ALA Connect?  I receive all other ALA correspondence at an updated email address, which I prefer, so I do not know why ALA Connect continues to use this old email.  When I tried to go to ALA Connect website, it rejected my ALA login, so I can't figure out how to update my email here.

Please advise.Thank you,Annis Lee Adams


Cody Hanson's picture

2010 EL here. Like Rachel, I'm running for one of two director-at-large positions on the LITA board. I'm voting for Rachel and if you're a LITA member I recommend you do the same. If you want to know if you should use your other vote on me, you can see my statement and other relevant info on LITA's site: http://www.ala.org/lita/about/election/hanson

Lynda Kellam's picture

Vote Cody!!!

I'm not a member unfortunately but would!

Angela Nolet's picture

Hello All,

I am running for two positions as well (after checking that I could make the meeting schedules work). 

I would appreciate your votes for the 2014 Newbery Award Committee and as a 2012 Councilor-at-Large. 

Thank you and good luck to everyone!

Angela Nolet

2010 EL & 2011 Mover & Shaker

Angela Nolet

Librarian, Virtual Library Services

King County Library System

Wayne Sanders's picture

Wayne Sanders, 2008 Emerging Leader, running for ACRL Anthropology & Sociology Section (ANSS)'s Vice-Chair/Chair Elect position.

Florante Ibanez's picture

Aloha all,
This will be my 3rd run for ALA Council.
I'm a diversity activist........ Help me represent all of us....
Have a Blessed Day,
Florante Peter Ibanez, MA, MLIS
Manager of Library Computer Services - Loyola Law School
Adjunct Professor - Loyola Marymount University

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Florante Peter Ibanez - Manager of Library Computer Services William M. Rains Library - Loyola Law School 919 Albany Street - Los Angeles, CA 90015 (213)736-1431 - fax(213)487-2204 flor&a

Jessica Kayongo's picture

I'm running for Councilor-at-Large, and I'd really appreciate your votes.

Jessica Kayongo, EL 2010

Lynda Kellam's picture

I'm running for Council and for Vice-President of the ACRL law and political science section.

lynda kellam, 2010 EL

Alyse Jordan's picture


I am a candiate for the ALA Councilor-At-Large in 2012.




ALA Emerging Leader, Class of 2007







Thank you,

Alyse Jordan


Alexia Hudson-Ward's picture

Yeah Alys!

You have my vote!

Alexia Hudson, Class of 2007

Alexia Hudson-Ward, Director of Libraries

Oberlin College & Conservatory 

Leo Lo's picture

Hi all!

I'm running for the LLAMA Director-at-Large position. Hope you'll vote for me. 

Thank you!


Leo Lo

Class of 2010 Emerging Leaders

Michelle Batchelor's picture

Hi, I'm a 2010 EL running for LLAMA-SASS Executive Committee member-at-large.

Easter DiGangi (non-member)'s picture

My name is Easter DiGangi and I'm running for Secretary of the New Members Round Table Executive Board.  I'm a 2011 Emerging Leader and a Co-Member Guide for the 2012 class.  See the videos for all of the NMRT candidates here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL431D54496CC457AE&feature=plcp.  Please vote in the ALA election.  :)

Easter DiGangi, MLS

Lauren Comito's picture

Hi, my name is Lauren Comito and I'm running for Councilor at Large.

Emerging Leaders Class of 2011


Kate Kosturski's picture

I'm from the 2011 EL cohort (Hi Easter and Lauren!) who is running for ALA Council.  

Best of luck to all on the ballot! 


Kate Kosturski


Bohyun Kim's picture

Hi all, I am a 2011 EL and running for the NMRT outreach director.

Drop me a line if you have any suggestions of NMRT outreach activities!

Best luck to all ELs!!!

Carla Land's picture

I'm excited to see so many EL's on the ballot! I'm currently in my second year as an ALA Counselor-at-large and was a 2009 EL. Hope to see all of you in session!


~Carla Land~

~ Yes, IF... is better than No, BECAUSE...


Temitope Toriola's picture

Please vote Temitope Toriola for Councilor-at-Large in next weeks American Library Association elections.

Temi Toriola

Qiana Johnson's picture

Hi Everyone,

I'm a 2007 Emerging Leaders alum and am running for the RUSA Reference Services Section's Vice Chair/Chair Elect position.


Qiana Johnson

Angela Nolet's picture

Hello All,

Here is a summary of candidates to make voting easier. My apologies if I missed a post as I went through, please reply and add yourself in the list. Don't forget, voting opens on Monday! 

Council Member at Large
Steven K. Bowers
Lauren Comito
Florante Peter Ibanez
Alys Jordan
Jessica Kayongo
Robin Kear
Lynda Kellam
Kate Kosturski
Angela Nolet
Temitope Toriola

ACRL Literatures in English Section's Vice-Chair/Chair Elect
Arianne Hartsell-Gundy

ACRL Anthropology & Sociology Section (ANSS)'s Vice-Chair/Chair Elect 
Wayne Sanders

ACRL law and political science section  Vice-President
Llynda Kellam

ALSC 2014 Newbery Award Committee
Angela Nolet

LLAMA Director-at-Large position
Leo Lo

LLAMA-SASS Executive Committee member-at-large
Michelle Batchelor

LITA Director-at-Large (2 positions)
Rachel Vacek
Cody Hanson

NMRT Outreach Director
Bohyun Kim

NMRT Secretary
Easter DiGangi

RUSA Reference Services Section's Vice Chair/Chair Elect position
Qiana Johnson

Angela Nolet

Librarian, Virtual Library Services

King County Library System

Elana Karshmer's picture



I am on the ballot for ACRL IS secretary/archivist.. I would love your support!!



John Jackson's picture

Current Emerging Leader, here (Class of 2012!). I'm on the ballot for Councilor-at-Large. More info: http://inkandvellum.com/blog/2012/03/ala-council-2012/


John M. Jackson

University of Southern California

John M. Jackson

Latrice Booker's picture

Hi everyone!

I'm running for Councilor-at-Large. I would really appreciate your support!



Latrice Booker

Emerging Leader Class of 2009

David Isaak's picture

Just cast my ballot and made sure to support all my fellow ELs. Thanks to Angela Nolet for starting this thread.

David Isaak

EL 2008



Candice Mack's picture

Hi all,

I'm running for YALSA Board and am a 2012 Emerging Leader.

(Sorry to chime in so late. I was on vacation -- the first non-library related one in 5 years!!! -- and just started a new job.)

Good luck to all of the ELs running!

All the best,


Candice A. Wing-Yee Mack

Teen Services Librarian

Central Library - Teen'Scape

Los Angeles Public Library



Florante Ibanez's picture

Past President of APALA - Served on JCLC Steering Committee - 2007 Emerging Leader - CoAuthor of Filipinos in Carson and the South Bay

God Bless us Alll!!!!

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Florante Peter Ibanez - Manager of Library Computer Services William M. Rains Library - Loyola Law School 919 Albany Street - Los Angeles, CA 90015 (213)736-1431 - fax(213)487-2204 flor&a

Rachel Rubin's picture

Hi, all! I was an Emerging Leader way back in '06-'07. I am running for Councilor at Large. 

Good luck, everyone!


Andromeda Yelton's picture

Anyone have a similar list for 2013?

LITA Board of Directors, 2013-2019; President-Elect, 2017-2018

Alicia Blowers's picture


I am a 2011 EL and I am running for the YALSA Margaret A. Edwards Award committee.  I would greatly appreciate your vote.



Alicia Blowers

Middle School Librarian, St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School, Alexandria, VA

Ngoc-Yen Tran's picture

Hello everyone! I am running for the ACRL Arts Section Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect. I was an Emerging Leader in 2010. May the odds be ever in your favor!


Naphtali Faris's picture

Hello!  I'm on the ballot for the YALSA's Printz Award Committee.  I was an EL in 2009.



Kate Kosturski's picture

Hi everyone, 

We have just started a list for the 2013 elections.   Please fill out this form to be on the list.  

Please see this post for some additional instructions on filling out the form. 

Any questions, please contact me as indicated below. 

Kindest regards, 



Kate Kosturski