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Post-Midwinter 2012 Meeting Report

Form D.2, Post-Midwinter Meeting/Annual Conference Committee Report


Please check one:

 Annual Conference Report                                       X Midwinter Meeting Report


Name of Committee: Liaison with National Organizations Serving Children and Youth


Priority Group Area and Number: VI


Priority Group Consultant: Laurina Cashin 


Committee Chair:  Stephanie Bange & Nancee Dahms-Stinson    Date: January 22, 2012


Members Attending:

Stephanie Bange, Nancee Dahms-Stinson, Rebecca Bishop, Sabrina Carnesi, Betsy Diamant-Cohen, Beth Gallego, Eric Gomez, Kriten McIlhagga, Merri Monks, Cecily Pilzer, Sylvie Shaffer; Priority Group Consultant Laurina Cashin and ALA staff Dan Rude also attended part of the meeting.


Members Absent: (Please note any unexcused absences regarding meeting attendance in a separate email to the ALSC President, ALSC Executive Director, and your Priority Group Consultant; please also note that media evaluation and award committee attendance is mandatory during both the Annual Conference following the first Midwinter and the Midwinter Meeting at which the selections are made):

Natalie Schun, Mary Sorhus, Sandy Wee


Julie Cosaro, Carrie Banks

Summarize Committee discussion, any decisions reached, and follow-up action needed, including suggestions for future programs or publications based on the committee’s work.


The committee approved the minutes.  Stephanie encouraged committee members to become involved in ALSC leadership opportunities. 


In reviewing the ALSC Strategic Plan, 2012-2017, there are several activities to which our committee is contributing.


Committee members were reminded of our Committee’s wiki address: http://wikis.ala.org/alsc/index.php/LIAISONS_WITH_NATIONAL_ORGANIZATIONS_SERVING_CHILDREN_AND_YOUTH_COMMITTEE.  Please remember to attach wiki link to signature whenever we communicate with committee members.


We reviewed our list of organizations and invited members to sign up for at least two they will be assigned to liaison with.  If members have suggestions for other organizations to pursue, email Stephanie and Nancee. The committee discussed a variety of methods for contacting our organizations. 

  • Send org. liaison a letter (using Haley’s sample as a template);
  • Contact the local chapter of the org. (if one exists in your community or state) to find out who to contact at the national level;
  • Contact the PR or marketing person listed on the organization’s web site.


Our goal is informational – to raise awareness with the liaison org. about what ALSC does and can do for them.  We do need to make sure we mention Dia. 


Use our committee’s page on ALA Connect to keep track of our communications with our organizations.  This is our most private way of storing information and communicating.  We can download files, change the information when necessary and reload them to our page.  Please download this helpful guide if you need assistance working with ALA Connect: http://connect.ala.org/files/96382/connecting2012_pdf_20313.pdf.


We discussed our committee name.  Members agreed we would submit the paperwork to the ALSC board to request a name change.


2012 ALA Annual: Poster Session

Feb. 29 is the deadline for finding out whether our proposal is accepted.  At this time, we’ll proceed as if it will be.  Stephanie will let committee know when she hears from ALA.


Poster session goal:  to inform our audience about what national organizations we communicate with & to share best practices regarding how libraries can connect and partner with the local chapters of those organizations.

The following members volunteered to help with the poster session at ALA annual:

Beth Gallego

Nancee Dahms-Stinson

Sylvie Shaffer

Cecily Pilzer

Sabrina Carnesi (if it does not conflict with a committee meeting)

Merri Monks


Cecily and Sylvie will help create the physical poster, with Kristan serving as an advisor and Stephanie and Nancee providing any necessary assistance. 


Suggestions for the poster features included: the logos of the organizations & short quotations about impact; we will devise a way for viewers to share their names & email addresses so we can follow up with information about how they partnered with a local chapter of one of our organizations.  It was also suggested we provide them with postcards that have a QR code that links to our wiki and the wiki address. 

A brief meeting took place after the committee adjourned to discuss more details and lay out tasks for the poster session.



Julie Cosaro joined us and reminded us that our committee is very important to the ALSC Strategic Plan.  The ALSC Board is looking at launching an Advocacy website (will be considered by Budget Committee).  Our work to collect best practices feeds well into that goal.  The Quicklist Committee can create lists for any of our orgs.  Julie recommended Autism Speaks as a potential partner organization.


Cecily is on ballot for Caldecott and asked for our consideration for votes.  Sylvie asked the same; she is on the ballot for Sibert;


Carrie Banks joined us briefly to talk about her upcoming ALA program about working with incarcerated children and youth and others.


The committee adjourned.


How did the Committee’s activities since the last conference and during this conference help to achieve your objectives and meet the timetable set by the Committee?

Discussions online and at the midwinter meeting provided Committee members with a clearer idea about the procedures for initiating and continuing communications with the organizations.


How have the Committee’s activities since the last conference support and further ALSC’s Strategic Plan? Specifically, after each relevant goal area and objective below, describe how your activities contributed to the strategic plan.

Goal Area:  Advocacy

ALSC will promote and advance excellent library service for all children.

Objective 1:  Increase awareness of the value of excellent library service for all children.

                (EXAMPLE: The second phase of the Kids!@ your library public awareness campaign was launched on X date.  The launch included a variety of materials and resources [x, y, z] available for free for members to use with their community.)

Objective 2:  Increase ALSC involvement in ALA legislative initiatives.

Objective 3:  Increase funding for research and evaluation.

Objective 4:  Increase access to library services.


Goal Area:  Education

ALSC will strengthen, support, and advance research and education in the area of library services to children.

Objective 1:  Enhance continuing education opportunities for children’s librarians, youth service staff, and other internal and external stakeholders.

Objective 2:  Increase research and evaluation projects in the area of children’s library service.

Objective 3:  Continue to advocate for the inclusion of comprehensive coursework in children’s literacy and children’s library service courses in graduate and undergraduate programs.

Objective 4:  Increase the number and diversity of people who choose library service for children as a profession.


Goal Area:  Collaboration

ALSC will work collaboratively within ALA, the profession, and the wider community to ensure excellent library service for all children.

Objective 1:  Increase the effectiveness of ALSC’s current collaborative efforts.

Objective 2:  Increase opportunities to work in coalition with other related groups.

The committee submitted a proposal to provide a Poster Session about the Committee’s work and best practices in collaboration, for the 2012 ALA Annual Conference.

Objective 3:  Increase public awareness of the value of library service to children.


What problems did you encounter? What were the highlights of the committee meeting(s)?

Some committee members struggle with using ALAConnect, but that is a learning curve all of us will overcome.  Navigating and finding information sometimes proves challenging.


The highlights of our meeting were getting to know one another better and working on laying out tasks and assignments for the Poster Session, if our proposal is approved.


What are your objectives and timetable for work to do between now and the next conference?

Share updated organization list, with assignments with members and ALA staff.

ALA staff make updates about organizations made on the ALSC page; ALA staff add link to the committee’s wiki on the committee’s page on ALSC.

Promote the committee’s information on ALSC lists, ALSC blog; ask former committee members to post their best practices to the wiki.

Prepare poster and peripheral information for 2012 Annual Conference poster session.


If you have recommendations for changes in your committee structure or charge, please describe in detail by filling out a Form K.  Submit the completed form to the ALSC President, Priority Group Consultant, Organization and Bylaws co-chairs, and ALSC Executive Director.


If you have any committee activity or issues that require Board action, please complete a Board of Directors Action Form.


__Nancee Dahms-Stinson_______________________________       _2/27/12_

Signature of person reporting                                                                    date