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Sharing Our Collections : Looking to the Future (2012 ALA Annual Program)

Sunday June 24

Cooperative and consortial resource sharing is blurring the lines between Circulation, Access Services, and Interlibrary Loan as libraries find new ways to share collections and create efficiencies.  This session will look at the future of consortia: shared e-book collections, floating collections, cloud-based integrated library systems, and the need to be increasingly flexible and collaborative to meet the opportunities and challenges of the future. 


Speaker #1

Carmit Marcus, Ex Libris Director of Product Management and Partnerships
ILS Vendor representative

The Next Generation ILS : How will it support collection sharing in the future?                       

Short description:  Carmit Marcus from Ex Libris will describe what is envisioned for next generation Information Systems, and answer some of our questions about them. How will these systems differ from the ones we have been using? How will they better support efforts to share our collections?

At the end of this program, participants will:  Understand evolving library systems that support consortial borrowing

Time allotted:  20 minutes

Speaker #2      

Janet Schneider, Manager of Smoky Hill Library, Programming, and Customer Service
Public Library consortia member

Flexibility and Collaboration : Floating Collections in the Arapahoe Library District                           

Short description:  The Arapahoe Library District faced many challenges when they decided to implement floating collections. Janet Schneider will discuss how flexibility and collaboration were their keys to successful innovation, and can be yours as well.

At the end of this program, participants will:  Have a vision of where consortial borrowing is going in the future, and what they need to know (and do!) to take advantage of opportunities and overcome challenges

Time allotted:  20 minutes

Speaker #3 

Linda Di Biase, Collection Development Librarian
Academic Library consortia member

Ebook collection sharing : the Orbis Cascade Demand Driven Acquisitions Project

Short description:  Linda Di Biase will provide an overview of the groundbreaking cooperative e-book purchasing pilot project that the Orbis-Cascade Alliance has implemented in collaboration with EBL and YBP.

At the end of this program, participants will:  Know more about innovative approaches to sharing ebook collections

Time allotted:  20 minutes