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ALCTS web site refreshed

The ALCTS web site has just migrated to its new digs, bringing a refreshed look and some new features, designed to enhance usability and accessibility. These changes also make the experience of navigating the larger ALA web site more consistent and less confusing.

Some of the changes you should know about are:

  • all navigation (left, subnavigation, and top) is now in alphabetical order
  • our old Conferences & Events section has been broken up into two sections:
    • Conferences & Continuing Education: to feature ALCTS in-person events, like preconferences forums, and symposia
    • Online Learning: all of ALCTS webinars, eForums, and web courses and related archives
  • The tabbed ALCTS News section on the home page (in the lower section of the center panel) consolidates the news feeds from the ALCTS Connect space, Twitter, and ALCTS Press Releases.
  • ALCTS Newsletter Online. Also has a fresh banner and consistent navigation. Access to past issues plus room to grow into a more dynamic product with more frequent news reports.

In the coming weeks, look for an integrated feedback form, refined typography, updated content, and more images.

In the meantime, please send any feedback or ask qestions using this form: